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Cover-Rotary dryer

Rotary dryer | Drum dryer

The rotary dryer is an important part of the charcoal machine production line. The airflow is in full contact with the material, and there are many mixing shafts and scrapers inside the equipment, which can promote the material to be pushed forward while drying. Since the length of the drum dryer is long, the material can be completely dried from beginning to end.
airflow dryer

Airflow dryer

DESCRIPTION The airflow dryer manufactured by Shuliy Machinery is very important equipment in the whole charcoal machine production line. Airflow dryer mainly used to dry wood chips with a size of less than 5mm and reduce the moisture to 8-12% through the airflow pipe.…

charcoal powder grinder and mixer

Charcoal powder grinding machine | wheel grinder mixer

This industrial charcoal powder grinding machine also named the wheel grinder mixer, which is specially designed for crushing charcoal pieces into fine charcoal powder. This wheel charcoal grinder mainly can grind charcoal powder and even mix them with the binder,…

Charcoal crusher | coal crusher | briquettes grinder

The industrial charcoal crusher also named coal crusher machine, coal briquettes grinder, etc. This commercial crusher machine is mainly used for crushing all kinds of charcoal or coal briquettes into small pieces and powder. With high efficiency for grinding charcoal…