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Briquette charcoal production line

Vietnam Sawdust briquette charcoal Production Line

charcoal production line includes the wood crusher, totatry dryer, briquetting machine, carbonizing furnace and other auxiliary equipment. This biomass system adopts a semi-automatic production line, only one person is responsible for the normal operation of the machine, and two persons control the forklift and crane for carbonization.
Philippines coconut palm crushing production line

Philippines coconut palm crushing production line

Due to the higher density of the coconut shell, the finished product after carbonization has a better effect and has a higher consumer value. Our customer has obtained considerable returns from the promising market, and he plans to build his second coconut shell-activated carbon production line within two years.

Round hookah coal machine shipped to Nigeria again

The industrial hookah charcoal briquette machine can press the well-mixed charcoal powder into round tablets. Up to now, customers from many countries have ordered this round hookah charcoal making machine from our factory, such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and so on.
Shisha charcoal production line

A Bahrain customer bought a shisha charcoal production line

With the popularity of shisha(hookah)around the world, the market demand for shisha charcoal is also increasing. In order to produce high-quality hookah charcoal in large quantities, many investors began to pay attention to hookah charcoal processing machinery. Our factory recently shipped a shisha charcoal production line to Bahrain.
Continuous carbonization furnace

Continuous Carbonization Furnace in India

With the economic development in India, local environmental pollution problems are becoming more and more serious. In particular, the serious shortage of recycling of biomass waste and scraps in production has caused a great waste of resources and environmental pollution. How to achieve automatic smokeless carbonization in the continuous carbonization furnace during the carbonization?
Charcoal briquette machine

Charcoal making machine in kenya,Southeast Asia, Middle East, India

In the future, the machinery industry will have a very large market space in Kenya, Southeast Asia, Middle East, India. especially the energy-saving and environmental protection machinery industry, in which the charcoal making machine equipment is one of the most favored energy saving and environmental protection machinery equipment, mainly because it can make good use of agricultural and forestry waste to produce more popular emerging energy market, so what are the characteristics of charcoal making machine equipment in production?
Carbonization furnace

Many Indonesian users choose coconut shell carbonization furnace

Indonesia is a tropical rain forest, the local vegetation is very rich, such as coconut shell, where the coconut trees are very much, and also rich in coconut, then the coconut is eaten or used, the remaining coconut shell what can we do about it. According to Indonesian users, the local coconut shells have to be disposed of quickly because of the large amount of coconut shells. Therefore, many Indonesian users will choose the coconut shell charring furnace at this time.