Charcoal-Making Production Line

Charcoal-making production line

The charcoal-making production line is a production line to produce long coal rods, which mainly produces charcoal through the steps of carbonizing raw materials, crushing, forming, and drying. And the appearance of the produced charcoal rods can be customized to realize the diversification of coal production. The charcoal-making production line is currently popular in countries such as Chile, Oman, Vietnam, and Nigeria.

Wood Pallet Blocks Production Line | Sawdust Pallet Block Plant

Wood pallet blocks production line | sawdust pallet block plant

The wood pallet blocks production line is to produce wood pallet blocks using wood processing waste, the production line includes a wood crusher, wood chip dryer, glue mixer, and wood pallet blocks forming machine. The produced wood pallet block has high hardness, smooth surface, and good waterproof. And the process of sawdust pallet block plant…

Honeycomb Coal Briquette Production Line | Coal Briquette Press Machine

Honeycomb coal briquette production line | coal briquette press machine

Honeycomb coal briquette production line is the equipment to produce porous charcoal, this production line includes the steps of carbonizing raw materials, crushing, mixing with binder, molding, and also drying, etc. The shape of honeycomb coal can be various, and the mold can be replaced. Honeycomb coal is usually used in heating, barbecue, industrial production, pharmaceutical production, and other industries.

Shisha&Hookah Charcoal Production Line

Shisha&Hookah charcoal production line

Our company has recently launched a new set of fully automatic hookah charcoal production line, which can meet the needs of customers for high-efficiency and high-quality production of hookah charcoal. The produced hookah charcoal has the advantages of being hard and non-divergent, high density, easy to ignite, long burning time, uniform heating, etc.

Sawdust Briquette Charcoal Production Line

Sawdust briquette charcoal production line

The biomass briquette charcoal production line has a reasonable equipment ratio connection, which can greatly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. Moreover, this briquette charcoal machine production line can be customized according to customer requirements. It can be designed as a fully automatic production line or a semi-automatic production line, which has been widely praised by the majority of charcoal manufacturers.

Biomass Gasifier | Biomass Syngas Power Plant

Biomass gasifier | Biomass syngas power plant

Biomass gasification is the use of low-calorie biomass energy sources, which undergo a redox reaction under certain reaction conditions, and then produce flammable gases such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The gas produced by this reaction can be used either directly to provide thermal energy or to produce electricity.

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