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A belt type continuous charcoal dryer machine is the drying equipment that can realize continuous drying, and it can be used for drying charcoal, in addition, it is also widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural products industry, and processing of aquatic products.

Mesh belt drying receives the welcome of commercial processing because of the advantages of high drying efficiency and high drying intensity, and we have shipped this mesh belt continuous charcoal dryer to the UK, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

Continuous Charcoal Dryer For Sale
continuous charcoal dryer for sale

In the meantime, we have other types of drying equipment available, such as the drum rotary dryer and box-type drying rooms shown below:

Continuous belt type drying machine raw materials

Drying Machine For Bbq Charcoal
drying machine for BBQ charcoal

The charcoal processing process is mainly used for drying spherical BBQ charcoal and coal blocks, as the continuous charcoal dryer is carried out in operation, coal will collide, not suitable for the drying of beautifully shaped hookah charcoal, water-smoke charcoal drying will generally choose the dryer with a cart.

At the same time, this equipment can also dry Chinese medicine tablets, fruit slices, vegetables, grain, agricultural by-products, aquatic products, feed, and chemical raw materials, such as flakes, strips, blocks, and granular materials.

Principle of continuous charcoal dryer machine

 Continuous Belt Type Drying Machine
continuous belt type drying machine

The mesh belt is made of 3mm steel wire woven, driven by a chain to run, and there is no collision and friction during the running process because of the increased drying area and air permeability. The temperature can also be controlled at any time, and the drying effect of barbecue carbon is perfect.

The role of mesh belt

Belt Type Drying Machine
belt type drying machine

The continuous charcoal dryer consists of the composition of a multi-layer mesh belt, there are three layers of mesh belt design, and there are also five layers of mesh belt drying equipment, than the previous mesh belt drying equipment increased by three to five times the efficiency of the work, reduce twice the floor space, reduce the loss of heat energy, reduce the exhaust emissions, is a real tailor-made high efficiency, the same drying area, the use of multi-layer, save floor space.

Reduces the volume inside the continuous charcoal dryer, increases the effective use of heat, and reduces the exhaust gas emission temperature. Reduce the use of fuel. Hot air blows from the bottom up, the temperature of the upper layer is low and the temperature of the lower layer is high, which is more conducive to protecting the materials being dried. Reduce the transmission power and wind machine power type coal dryer that is mesh belt dryer.

What factors affect the drying effect

In the process of drying and processing materials, the factors that affect the drying effect are mainly temperature, wind speed, drying time, whether the materials are evenly dried, and other factors.

When the mesh belt continuous charcoal dryer is processing the materials, if the temperature of the wind is too low, it will cause the drying time to be too long; if the temperature of the wind is too high, it will cause the drying time to be shortened, but the wind with too high temperature will cause the biochemical reaction of the materials, such as the change of the composition of the materials.

Performance characteristics of belt dryer

  1. Air volume, heating temperature, material residence time, and charging speed can be adjusted for the best drying effect.
  2. Flexible equipment configuration, mesh belt flushing system, and material cooling system can be used.
  3. Most of the air is recycled, and highly energy-saving.
  4. A unique air-splitting device makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality.
  5. The heat sources can be steam, heat conduction oil, electricity or coal (oil), and gas hot air furnace support.

Continuous charcoal dryer machine parameters

Drying Machine For Bbq Charcoal
drying machine for bbq charcoal
Width of Belt600mm800mm1000mm1200mm1600mm2000mm2400mm3000mm
Length of Drying Section6-126-126-168-168-2210-2612-3012-40
Length of Feeding Section111111.51.52
Length of Transmitting Section111111.51.52
Drying Area3.6-36㎡4.8-48 ㎡6-80 ㎡7.2-96㎡12.8-105.6 ㎡20-260㎡28.8-360 ㎡36-600 ㎡
Unit Number1-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-5
Interlamellar Spacing400-600 mm400-600 mm400-600 mm400-600 mm400-600 mm400-600 mm400-600 mm400-600 mm
 Capacity90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡90-200 kg/㎡
Temperaturecarbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°
Transmission powder1.1-2.2 kW1.1-2.2 kW1.1-2.2 kW1.1-3kw1.5-3 kW1.5-4 kW3-7.5 kW5-11 kW
Charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer technical data

There are various heating methods for the continuous charcoal dryer, you can use hardwood, charcoal, electric, and gas heating, and we can support customizing two kinds of materials for the mesh belt dryer, one is carbon steel and the other is stainless steel, carbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°, you can choose the material according to the temperature of charcoal to be dried. The running speed of the mesh belt is 0.06-1m/min, the main components include conveying equipment, air heating furnace, dust removing equipment, draught fan, etc.

Shuliy’s charcoal production machines

Shuliy is a company with ten years of experience in exporting charcoal processing machines, which can produce water-smoke charcoal, barbecue charcoal, wood sawdust briquettes, and other products. Our charcoal production equipment is complete, from raw material processing to packaging and selling, and has the corresponding machine.

We have three kinds of charcoal dryers, drum dryers, box dryers, and this belt-type continuous charcoal dryer, if you are interested in carrying out the production of charcoal, please contact us, and we will provide quality equipment.

Shuliy Factory
Shuliy factory

Factory real shot machine

Continuous Charcoal Dryer Machine
continuous charcoal dryer machine
 Continuous Belt Type Drying Machine
continuous belt type drying machine
 Continuous Drying Machine
continuous drying machine

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