Wood Pellet Mill Machine | Biomass Pellet-Making Machine

Wood pellet mill machine | biomass pellet-making machine

A wood pellet mill machine is equipment that uses wood waste as raw material to make pellet fuel. The biomass pellet machine can process wood chips, straw, rice husk, bark, and other biomass as raw materials. Through pretreatment and processing, it is solidified to form high-density pellet fuel. Why wood pellet machine is cleaning equipment…

Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine | Hookah Charcoal Bagging Machine

Shisha charcoal packing machine | hookah charcoal bagging machine

The shisha charcoal packing machine is equipment for packaging hookah charcoal, also known as a horizontal packaging machine. Horizontal packaging machines can package cookies, candy, pharmaceutical product packaging, soap, and other household products. And great for wrapping hookah charcoal. We have exported this hookah carbon packaging machine to the Middle East, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries.

Continuous Belt Type Drying Machine For Bbq Charcoal

Continuous belt type drying machine for bbq charcoal

A continuous belt type drying machine is the drying equipment that can realize continuous drying, and it can be used for drying charcoal, in addition, it is also widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural products industry, and processing of aquatic products. Mesh belt drying receives the welcome of commercial processing because of the advantages of high drying efficiency and high drying intensity, and we have shipped the mesh belt dryer to the UK, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

Horizontal Carbonization Furnace | Hardwood Log Charcoal Machine

Horizontal carbonization furnace | hardwood log charcoal machine

e horizontal carbonization furnace is a device that can carbonize raw materials. It is an essential machine in the process of coal production. It is widely used in charcoal processing plants because of its simple operation and high safety. There are many types of carbonization furnaces, including continuous carbonization furnaces and hoisting carbonization furnaces.

Comprehensive Crusher | Multi-Functional Crushing Equipment

Comprehensive Crusher | Multi-functional crushing equipment

The comprehensive crusher can crusher all kinds of messy raw materials with our comprehensive machine like the used furniture, plank with nails, wooden pallets and so on. The final products of composite crushers can be used in a lot of fields like the environmental protection industry, furniture recycling industry, and industrial product recycling.

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