BBQ charcoal production line | charcoal coal ball press machine

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BBQ charcoal production line is the equipment used to process coal balls, the production line includes a carbonization furnace, crusher, screw conveyor, mixer, and spherical charcoal forming machine. It is a complete set of equipment, from raw material carbonization to charcoal forming with corresponding machines. The barbecue charcoal production line has been sold to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, and other regions.

Bbq Charcoal Production Line
Bbq Charcoal Production Line

Barbecue charcoal production line raw materials

Barbecue charcoal production line raw materials can be coal powder, after mixing with binder directly into shape, but also coconut shells, wood, rice husk, peanut shells, bamboo, etc., the use of raw materials for processing needs to be carried out to carbonize these raw materials, crushed, mixed with a binder, and then in the molding.

BBQ charcoal production line production process

Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

The raw materials used are put into the carbonization furnace and then carbonized. We have three types of carbonization furnaces hanging carbonization furnace, horizontal carbonization furnace, and continuous carbonization furnace, according to the material processed and the output to choose. The continuous carbonization furnace type is relatively large, with automatic discharge and feeding.

Carbon Crusher

A Hammermill machine can crush the charcoal after carbonized, but the crushing is not particularly fine, need to be grinding again.

Raymond Mil

Raymond mill can further grind the carbon powder to make it finer and produce barbecue charcoal with a longer burning time and better effect.

Wheel Rolling Machine

After crushing and grinding the toner, it can be put into the wheel grinder mixer, add water and binder in the machine, mix and stir.

Bbq Charcoal Machine

BBQ charcoal forming machine produces mixed raw material of carbon powder can be formed, and the shape can be customized according to the demand because the mold of the carbon ball press can be customized, so a variety of carbon balls can be produced.

Advantages of charcoal coal ball press machine

Charcoal Coal Ball Press
Charcoal Coal Ball Press

1. Diversification of molds. Can produce various shapes of barbecue carbon

2. High ball formation rate. Good density and high strength of finished products. Low breakage rate

3. Wide application, can press coal powder, carbon powder, sawdust, and mineral powder

Different Molds
In Different Molds

4. High degree of automation, can adjust the working speed

5. Many models. There are many models of ball press machine, you can buy the machine according to the output

Why can benefit from producing barbecue charcoal

  • Small investment and large processing capacity of coal briquetting equipment. It can handle tens of thousands of tons of materials per day and can be produced continuously;
  • Simple operation, the whole briquetting production line. The conveyor and control system control, the intermediate link without manual operation, saving time and labor.
  • Little pollution. With energy-saving and environmental protection molding system, reducing the pollution caused by dust and noise caused by the production.
  • High revenue. Barbecue carbon raw materials are cheap and simply available, barbecue carbon prices are high, the middle difference is large, and there are obtainable profit points.

Components of charcoal coal ball press machine

1. Feeding system – to achieve quantitative feeding to ensure uniform feeding of iron powder.

2. Supporting motor – iron powder ball press machine electromagnetic speed control motor constant torque characteristics, when the feeder pressure material and the amount of iron powder required by the host equal, can maintain a constant supply pressure to make the quality of the pellets stable.

 3. Transmission system – the transmission part of the iron powder pellet press has an electric motor – triangle belt – reducer – open-gear – rollers composition.

4. Hydraulic protection device – iron powder ball press has a hydraulic protection device. When the iron powder pellet press is working, the hydraulic pump will pump high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to make the piston produce axial displacement, and the front joint of the piston rod is on the bearing seat to meet the production pressure requirement.

video of charcoal coal ball press machine

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