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Wood peeling machine, also named wood debarker, is an important part of pulping and papermaking, wood processing, wood chip production, and other industries. It is widely used in paper mills, wood chip mills, plywood mills, logging plants, etc. Using the wood log debarker machine can greatly save the labor force and reduce the cost of raw material processing.

Vertical design, suitable for all kinds of wood, removes surface bark by rotating blades.

The wood peeling machine currently produced by our company consists of two models: vertical peeling machine and horizontal debarking machine. There are corresponding machines for different output and quality requirements of users. Our wood peeling machine can effectively remove the bark of the wood, and will not cause too much damage to the wood itself. This machine has strong applicability to wood. It can peel wood of different tree species, diameters, lengths, and shapes. It is the perfect supporting equipment for assembly line operations and automated production.

Horizontal arrangement, usually suitable for large-scale wood debarking, with high efficiency and stability.

Introduction of the wood debarker

Our new wood debarking machine mainly comprises the main machine, feeding mechanism, peeling part, discharging mechanism, transmission device, etc.


The debarked logs or branches can be further processed by a wood chipping machine to make high-quality wood chips. (Related Article: Drum wood chipper for sale)

Vertical wood peeler machine

This wood debarker machine is practical wood skinning equipment, which can peel all kinds of logs with a diameter between 50mm and 320mm and over 500mm in length. This efficient log peeler machine has high working efficiency and wide applications for peeling wood with lots of fiber, such as needlewood, pine trees, etc.


Principle: The working principle of the vertical wood peeling machine is that the front and rear feeding and discharging devices bite the wood, and the wood is pushed forward under the action of the conveyor belt.

During the advancing process, the roller with blades located in the middle of the machine continuously acts on the surface of the wood, causing the bark to fall off to the bark below.

During the process, the wood advances at a constant speed, and the peeling effect is excellent, which can meet the demand for high-quality wood.

Vertical debarking machine
Suitable wood diameter(mm)50-250100-300100-350
Parameter of vertical wood debarker machine

Horizontal log debarking machine

This debarker can feed wood in large quantities at a time and can be equipped with a conveyor belt to meet feeding, discharging, and barking needs. This trough wood debarker machine is an efficient wood peeling equipment, which can peel all kinds of logs and branches with a diameter between 50mm and 320mm and over 500mm in length.

This efficient log peeler machine has high working efficiency and wide applications for peeling wood with lots of fiber, such as needlewood, pine trees, etc. Different from the drum-type log debarker, this groove wood peeling machine is more efficient for peeling wood branches or logs in bulks of large wood processing plants. After peeling, these log peels will be discharged from the bottom of this peeler machine. And the peeled logs can be further processed into high-quality wood chips with the wood chipper machine.


Principle: The trough-type wood peeling machine uses the unique force generated by the rotor with peeling teeth to make the wood section cyclically move around the silo trough plate, and it also rotates around the wood section’s axis, as well as irregular beating.

At this point, the wood segment and the teeth, the wood segment and the wood segment, and the wood segment and the bin groove are constantly rubbing, impacting, squeezing, and the bark is quickly separated to achieve the peeling effect.

Horizontal peeling machine
Max diameter400500
Wood length(m)2-52-6
Parameter of horizontal log peeling machine

Applications of wood peeling machine

This series of wood peeling machines are widely used in paper mills, wood-based panel mills, wood chip mills, forest farms, and other industries. It has a wide range of applications, not only for large pieces of wood, logs, branches, and irregularly curved wood but also for peeling some frozen wood and dry wood. The peeled wood will have better quality and they are more suitable for producing superior products.

Finished Product Of Log Skiving Machine
Finished product of log skiving machine
Applications Of The Wood Peeling Machine

Working video about the wood debarker

Vertical peeling machine

Small footprint, suitable for places with limited space, easy to operate.

Horizontal peeling machine

Higher production capacity, suitable for industrialized wood processing environments.

Processing wood becomes more efficient and convenient under the lead of a wood peeling machine. If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with detailed information. Meanwhile, we sincerely invite you to visit our factory to get a deeper understanding of our advanced production technology and professional team. We look forward to cooperating with you!