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The hookah charcoal tablet press is a kind of carbon powder molding equipment, which uses high pressure to press the carbon powder into carbon blocks of different shapes. The hookah charcoal tablet press is widely used in carbon powder and coal powder forming and is essential equipment in the process of carbon powder processing. After being pressed by the briquetting machine, the charcoal block has the advantages of being hard and non-divergent, high density, easy to ignite, long burning time, uniform heating, etc. Our hookah charcoal tablet machine can meet the current market requirements for high-quality hookah charcoal. The market prospects are very good.

Types of Shisha Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Mold And Finished Product

After decades of experience in hookah charcoal production and customer service, our hookah charcoal tablet press has been continuously optimized, and finally left three hookah charcoal tablet presses that can meet the needs of most customers. They are mechanical hookah charcoal tableting machines. Machine, Hydraulic hookah charcoal tablet machine, rotary hookah charcoal machine. All types of hookah charcoal tablet presses can customize different shapes of molds according to customer needs. In addition to the common circles and squares on the market, letters, logos, contact information and other information can also be added to the molds according to customer requirements.

1.Mechanical hookah charcoal briquetting machine

Mechanical Hookah Charcoal Briquetting Machine

This hookah charcoal tablet press is mainly composed of a motor, a transmission device, a mold, and a discharge conveyor belt. The motor drives the transmission device to press the carbon powder into carbon blocks of different shapes. This hookah charcoal tablet press is the best-selling machine, with a simple structure, large output, high production efficiency, and large-scale production.

2.Hydraulic hookah charcoal briquetting machine

Hydraulic Hookah Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Hydraulic hookah charcoal is a new type of hookah charcoal briquetting machine. The main structure is composed of frame, hydraulic system, PLC control system, and discharge conveyor belt. The principle of this machine is also to use high pressure to compress the carbon powder, but the hydraulic briquetting machine can provide more pressure, and the pressed hookah charcoal has better molding effect, higher density and longer burning time. Intelligent control system It is convenient for the user to adjust the pressure, pressing speed and other parameters, and the size of the pressed hookah charcoal can also be fine-tuned to a certain extent. A mixing device is equipped in the feed port to prevent the material from sticking and is beneficial to the unloading. The use of stainless steel material can effectively prevent wear and corrosion, and the processing efficiency is very fast.

3.Rotary hookah charcoal briquetting machine

Rotary Hookah Charcoal Briquetting Machine

The pressing mode of the rotary hookah charcoal briquetting machine is no longer up and down pressing, but rotary pressing. This machine can achieve continuous feeding and continuous output of hookah charcoal. The processing efficiency is the highest among the three machines.

Paramete of the hookah charcoal briquetting machine

Hydraulic13300 8010002500x750x2300
Rotary7.5570 1201500800x900x1650
Parameter list

Raw materials and applications of hookah charcoal

Shisha, or hookah in English, is a tobacco product that is smoked after filtering water or other liquids. It is popular in Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and is also common in Jordan and the Gulf region. When smoking hookah, hookah charcoal is used to heat tobacco to produce smoke, so this puts high demands on hookah charcoal. Hookah charcoal is required to be hard and non-divergent, high in density, easy to ignite, long burning time, and evenly heated. Hookah charcoal also has strict requirements on raw materials. In order to ensure the quality of hookah charcoal, the commonly used raw materials generally include bamboo charcoal powder, fruit charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, etc.