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The wood pallet blocks production line is to produce wood pallet blocks using wood processing waste, the production line includes a wood crusher, wood chip dryer, glue mixer, and wood pallet blocks forming machine. The produced wood pallet block has high hardness, smooth surface, and good waterproof. And the process of sawdust pallet block plant is simple and profitable, which is welcomed by wood-related industries.

Wood pallet blocks production line raw materials

The raw material for the production of wood pallet bedding can be shavings, wood chips, bagasse, and other wood processing waste, after recycling, reprocessing, and again to create benefits, the raw material for the production of wood pallet bedding has requirements for humidity and size, the size is too large need to use the wood crusher for crushing, the size after crushing should be 6-8mm, moisture less than 12%.

Wood pallet blocks applications

After production, the wood pallets are mainly used as pads for wooden pallets, the strength of wood chips can reach oh 1.07mpa after hot pressing by a wood pallet pad forming machine, the wood pallet pads can be hollow or solid. Generally speaking, they are 90*90mm, 90*100mm, 100*100mm, and 80*90mm. If there are special requirements, we can customize them, and the range is between 75-145mm. In addition, one machine can have two sizes.

Wood pallet blocks cutting machine

Wood pallet pads are available in different sizes, how can they be processed? Actually, it needs to be cut twice. The products extruded from the wood chip mat block hot press need to be cut according to a certain length (usually about 1.2 meters). After cooling, the secondary cutting. The reason for cooling and then cutting is that the final product just formed by the machine is very hot and relatively soft, at a temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If cut in the freshly extruded condition, the surface will be very rough. The long semi-finished product is then cut to the final size you need. The final foot pier is made!

Wood pallet blocks production line production Process

Wood Crusher

Wood Crusher

The size of the raw material used for the production of wooden pallet pads must be guaranteed to be 6-8 mm, so the raw material size is too large and needs to be crushed using a wood crusher.

Sawdust Dryer

sawdust dryer

The wood chip dryer is used for drying wood chips, and the dryness requirement is less than 12% moisture content, which can be processed by the dryer.

Glue Sawdust Mixer

Glue sawdust mixer

Ring-type glue mixer is mainly composed of a mixing tube, mixing shaft, glue supply system, feeding port, discharging port, cooling system, and other components. The mixer mixes the glue and raw materials to make them fully mixed.

Wooden Pallet Block Forming Machine

Wooden pallet block forming machine

After the wood chips mixed with glue are poured into the inlet of the machine, the wood pallets will have higher density and hardness after hot press molding. The freshly produced wood pallet pads have a certain degree of heat and need to be left to cool for a while to be cut into the required size with a wood pallet cutting machine.

Wood pallet blocks machine parameter

Wood pallet blocks machine parameter

Sawdust pallet block plant Product features

Wood Pallet Blocks Production Line
Wood Pallet Blocks Production Line

1. Free of fumigation. Because the foot pier is formed by extrusion under high temperatures, it is fumigation-free.

2. Efficient recycling of waste wood.

3. Easy to operate. One person can operate three machines at the same time.

4. The density of the finished product can be 550-1000m3, which can be chosen according to your needs.

Video of wood pallet blocks production line

Sawdust pallet block plant shipment

We have ten years of experience in producing wood pallet matting machines and know very well about production-related, if you are interested you can contact us and Shuli will make a professional production plan for you.

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