Shisha charcoal packing machine | hookah charcoal bagging machine

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The shisha charcoal packing machine is equipment for packaging hookah charcoal, also known as a horizontal packaging machine. Horizontal packaging machines can package cookies, candy, pharmaceutical product packaging, soap, and other household products. It is a very good choice for a fully automatic hookah carbon production line. We have exported this hookah carbon packaging machine to the Middle East, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries.

Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine
Hookah Charcoal Bagging Machine

Shisha charcoal packing machine structure

The hookah carbon packaging machine includes a material conveyor belt to transport hookah carbon in an orderly manner to ensure that the quantity of each bag is consistent. Infrared induction is used for precise cutting of packaging bags so that the cutting positions of packaging bags are the same. The touch control screen can be used for the integrated setting of machine parameters, temperature settings, etc., which is convenient for operation, and automatically seals after the packaging is completed.

Shisha Charcoal  Packing Machine Structure
Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine&Nbsp;Structure

Benefits of buying a hookah charcoal packing machine

Hookah charcoal is microscopic and exquisite. Many businesses have spent a lot of thought on packaging innovation. It is more refined and advanced after being packaged by a hookah charcoal packaging machine. In addition, the packaged hookah charcoal is also easy to transport, not easy to get wet, and not easy to break. Make customers have a better experience when using it.

Advantages of hookah charcoal bagging machine

Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine
Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine

1. Independently set the length of the packaging bag to facilitate the replacement of different quantities of products

2. The temperature control system is independently controlled by PID, suitable for packaging bags of various materials

3. The cutting bag does not stick to the knife and will not waste the packaging film

4. Touch screen for easy setup

5. The length of the product transmission belt can be customized

Detail display of the hookah charcoal packaging machine

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hookah carbon packaging machine control screen


shisha charcoal packing machine conveyor


packaging machine sealing

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hookah charcoal bagging machine glide track

Shisha charcoal packing machine parameters

Bag Length100-600mm100-600mm100-600mm120-600mm
Bag width50-110mm50-160mm50-210mm50-280mm
Bag heightMax 40mmMax 100mmMax 100mmMax 100mm
Packing speed5-200 bags/min5-200 bags/min5-200 bags/min30-180 bags/min
Power220V, 50/60Hz, 2.4KVA220V, 50/60Hz, 2.4KVA220V, 50/60Hz, 2.6KVA220V, 50/60hz, 3.6KVA
Shisha charcoal packing machine parameters

Optional hookah charcoal dispenser

Charcoal Dispenser
Charcoal Dispenser

This part can automatically group the hookah charcoal, generally 10 in a group, that is, 10 round hookah charcoal as a small bag, 10 bags into a box. Quantity customization is also possible. The hookah carbon dispenser can reduce the number of employees, automate the whole packaging process, and improve packaging efficiency.

Automatic hookah charcoal bagging machine packaging process

Hookah Charcoal Packing Machine Factory
Hookah Charcoal Packing Machine Factory

1. The dispenser is put into the conveyor belt or manually into the groove

2. Set the parameters

3. Temperature setting

4. Packing film pulling

5. Bag forming

6. Bag closure

7. Packaging is complete

Video of hookah charcoal packaging machine

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