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The carbonization furnace is a kind of equipment that can carry out dry distillation and anaerobic carbonization of wood materials containing carbon under high-temperature conditions in the furnace.

During the carbonization of the material, a large number of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrocarbon will be produced. Our carbonization furnace adopts advanced technology to recover, purify, and cyclically burn these combustible gases. This technology solves the problems of environmental pollution and heat energy required in the process of carbonization of ordinary carbonization furnaces.

The carbonized material has the advantages of high calorific value, no smoke during combustion, no explosion, and environmental protection. Our carbonization furnace has the advantages of reasonable structure, energy saving, fast cooling speed, good charcoal quality, and a short production cycle. It is an ideal equipment for the carbonization of wood materials.

We have two other types of machines available, including horizontal charcoal furnaces and continuous charring furnaces.

Structure of hoist carbonization furnace

Our new type of carbonization furnace is mainly composed of the combustion chamber, carbonization liner, exhaust gas treatment device, waste heat utilization system, and crane system.

The Structure Of The Carbonization Furnace
The structure of the Carbonization Furnace

This machine adopts the new structure of separating the carbonization furnace and combustion chamber, it adopts the movable installation of the carbonization furnace.  

The furnace’s cooling is carried out outside the combustion chamber,  so it can realize continuous work and greatly shorten the production cycle. The combustion chamber can be equipped with multiple carbonizing furnaces, and it doesn’t need to do the preheating treatment after the replacement of carbonizing furnaces. This will greatly improve the efficiency of carbonization work, and save energy and labor.

Hoisting type carbonization furnace working process

The carbonization of materials is mainly divided into three stages: the drying stage, the initial stage of carbonization, and the full carbonization stage.

  1. Drying stage: From the start of ignition to the furnace temperature rising to 160°C, the moisture contained in the machine-made rods evaporates mainly by the amount of external heating and the heat generated by the combustion itself. The chemical composition of the machine-made rod has hardly changed.
  2. The initial stage of carbonization: This stage mainly relies on the combustion of the rod itself to generate heat, which raises the furnace temperature to between 160 and 280°C. At this time, the wood material undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction, and its composition begins to change. Among them, are unstable components, such as hemicellulose decomposition to produce CO2, CO, and a small amount of acetic acid and other substances.
  3. Full carbonization stage: The temperature at this stage is 300 to 650°C. In this stage, the wood material undergoes rapid thermal decomposition, and a large number of liquid products such as acetic acid, methanol, and wood tar are generated at the same time. In addition, combustible gases such as methane and ethylene are produced, and these combustible gases are burned in the furnace. Thermal decomposition and gas combustion generate a lot of heat, which increases the furnace temperature, and the wood material is dry distilled into charcoal at high temperatures.
Carbonization Process
Carbonization process

If we want to calcine high-temperature carbon, in addition to the above three stages, we need to increase the heat, so that the temperature in the furnace continues to rise to about 800℃ ~ 1000℃. In this way, the volatile substances remaining in the charcoal can be discharged, the carbon content in the charcoal can be improved, the graphite structure of the carbon is increased, and the electrical conductivity is enhanced.

Advantages of the charcoal carbonization furnace

  1. The flue gas generated during the carbonization process of the material undergoes the secondary combustion of the generated combustible gas through spraying, cooling, and purification. Use the heat generated by itself to burn itself to achieve the effect of energy-saving.
  2. The flue gas is purified in the pipeline, no waste is generated during production and meets the national exhaust gas exhaust standard.
  3. The carbonization furnace adopts high heat transfer and high wear resistance composite materials, which can carry out the carbonization process with high efficiency.
  4. The carbonization furnace and combustion chamber adopt a split design, and one furnace body is equipped with multiple carbonization furnaces, which can realize continuous operation. It can greatly shorten the production cycle and improve the efficiency of carbonization.

What are the materials that can be carbonized?

The materials that can be carbonized by the carbonization furnace include wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, plant stalks, bark, and other carbon-containing wood materials.

Carbonized Material
Carbonized material

The parameter of the hoist carbonization furnace

Output capacity2500-3000kg/24 hours
(Depends on the materials)
Loading capacity2600-3000kg/per 8 hours
Carbonization time once8hours
Steel thickness6mm
Inner stove size1.5×1.5m
Including partsOne machine includes 3 stoves
Electricity powerNo need for additional power
Biomass cost for heating per 8 hours50-80kg waste biomass per 8 hours
Parameter list

Hoisting charring furnace successfully operating in Guinea

We exported a charcoal production line to Guinea. The carbonization furnace used by the customer is this lifting carbonization furnace. Our engineers returned after installing and testing successfully in the customer’s factory. After installation, train the factory workers to ensure the smooth operation of the factory.

At the end of this presentation, we hope that you have gained a better understanding of our hoist carbonization furnace. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with professional purchase service.