Causes of low yield when the rod of the bar is carbonized

The charcoal rate of sawdust briquette equipment is also an important indicator of the output of sawdust briquette equipment. The sawdust briquette machine has a high carbon yield and a high output. However, in the actual production process, there are always some factors that affect the charcoal rate of the sawdust briquette machine. Therefore, before using the sawdust briquette machine equipment, it is necessary to understand what factors will affect the charcoal rate of the sawdust briquette machine.

The charcoal rate of the sawdust briquette machine shows a certain difference due to the different types of raw materials. Although the lower carbonization temperature can obtain a higher carbon removal rate, the produced charcoal has low quality and corrosiveness and contains acidic tar substances, so it cannot be burned as a clean smokeless flame.

The high-quality commercial carbon should have a solid carbon content of more than 80%, which requires the final carbonization temperature to be controlled above 500 °C. The wood fiber content of the raw material has a positive impact on the yield of charcoal.

Sawdust briquette equipment produces more mature materials that are more structurally sturdy. As the carbonization temperature increases, the friability of charcoal will also increase. In actual production, it is found that when the final carbonization temperature is between 550 ° C and 650 ° C, the friability of charcoal and the solid carbon content can be Achieve a better balance.

Sawdust Briquette Machine
Sawdust Briquette Machine
Sawdust Briquette Machine

The sawdust briquette machine is mainly used to produce charcoal equipment. The machine can use the waste material to produce charcoal, which not only solves the problem of reuse of waste materials, but also alleviates the high demand for charcoal in the market. In the actual use of the sawdust briquette machine, some of the results are low because of the carbonization of the rod.

The sawdust produced by the sawdust briquette machine has a low yield, and there are several problems caused by this problem:

a. Improper ignition position: the ignition position is too close to the oxygen supply hole, and an open flame is generated at the oxygen supply hole (kiln door), thereby causing the kiln The phenomenon of a large amount of charcoal at the door. Solving this problem is mainly to correct the ignition position so that the ignition position is close to the middle of the kiln.

b. The warming process is too long: sometimes it may be because the charcoal personnel neglected the closing time of the kiln, which caused the heating time to be too long and wasted some charcoal that had been charred.

c. The kiln flue is not accessible: the flue will not lead to the extension of the carbonization time, so that some charcoal will be burned more, so the chimney and the flue must be ensured when the kiln is installed.

d, kiln gas leakage: kiln gas leakage needs timely repair.

e. Too much oxygen in the carbonization process: This problem is more complicated. The charcoal personnel must constantly observe the kiln temperature and adjust the oxygen supply.

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