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The charcoal ball briquette press machine is molding equipment that can press the powdered coal into balls. It has a wide range of applications and it’s widely used in the field of metallurgy, chemical, refractories, etc. The final product(coal ball briquette) has the advantages of smokeless, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and easy transportation&storage. Compared to traditional charcoal, it’s energy-saving and environmental protection with more calorific value.  

The working principle of the charcoal press machine

Working Principle Of The Coal Ball Briquette Machine
Working principle of the coal ball briquette machine

The main part of the charcoal briquette machine is a pair of rotating shafts of the same size, with many hemispherical sockets of the same size and regularly arranged on the surface. The processed material will enter through the feed port and be squeezed into the hemispherical sockets on both sides under the action of its own gravity and the pressure of the rollers on both sides. The hemispherical sockets on both sides merge into a complete sphere, the raw materials inside will gradually be compressed, and finally form the coal ball briquette. With the further movement of the shaft, the formed coal ball falls from the discharge port.

The structure of the coal ball briquette machine

The coal ball briquette machine is mainly composed of three parts: the feeding part, transmission part and forming part.

  1. Feeding part: This part includes the screw feeding device and the hopper, which is mainly used to realize quantitative feeding to ensure that the material enters between the pair of rollers evenly. Between them, the screw feeding device is driven by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor to force the material into the feeding port. When the amount of material pressed by the screw feeder is equal to the amount of material required by the host, a constant feeding pressure can be maintained to stabilize the pellet quality.
  2. Transmission part: The main transmission system is: motor → triangle belt → reducer → open gear → counter roll. The main engine is powered by an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, which is transmitted to the driving shaft through a pin coupling through a belt wheel and a cylindrical gear reducer. The driving shaft and the passive shaft of the charcoal briquette machine are ensured to operate synchronously through an open gear.
  3. Forming part: The core of the forming part is the pair of rolls. This is a pair of rotating shafts of the same size, with many hemispherical sockets of the same size and regularly arranged on the surface. There is a hydraulic protection device behind the rollers, which can protect the rollers from damage when there is too much feed or metal blocks between the two rollers.

The advantages of the charcoal briquette making machine

  • The compressed spherical coal greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the coal resources. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, convenient transportation and storage, and high calorific value. Compared with ordinary coal, the burning time is more than twice.
  • Hydraulic protection device can effectively prevent damage to the roller shaft due to some hard physical mixing materials.
  • Special designed mandatory feeder.The machine can press pure powder materials with feature of light weight and small density like charcoal powder.
  • Transmission system sealed in worm gear box below main body, is entirely separate independ compons, and it solves the mutual pollution, and the transmission system get lubrication sufficiently, also the noise and wear reduced.
  • Special installation structure makes the change and repaire of parts convenient.
  • The shape of the material can be customized. Common shapes are: square, ball-egg, oval, goose-egg, pillow, etc. The specific size and special shape of the spherical shape can be customized by users according to their needs.

The raw materials requirements and application of the charcoal briquette

The ball press machine can be used to press coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke powder. etc. The final products are widely used in refractory, power plant, metallurgy, chemical, energy, transportation, heating, and other industries.

Applications Of The Coal Ball Briquette
Applications of the coal ball briquette machine

The fineness of the material should be below 3mm, and the moisture content should be 8-12%. Binder or other additives(e.g. desulfurized) should be prepared by users in accordance with coal type and the operating environment

The display of the coal ball briquette machine

The parameter of the charcoal press machine

ModelCapacityPowerRoll widthRoll diameter
Parameter list

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