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The charcoal briquette machine is an important forming equipment in the production process of charcoal making. It can make various kinds of coal powder into the coal briquette of different shapes. The charcoal briquette can make full use of pulverized coal resources, reduce fuel costs, and increase the calorific value of coal, which has high economic benefits.

The finished charcoal briquettes have high density, and good strength, and are smokeless and tasteless during processing. They have been widely used in large-scale barbecues, boiler heating, hookah, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and other applications.

Every step of the process has been carefully designed to ensure the production of a high-quality, robust, and durable coal briquette product.

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Working principle of charcoal briquette extruder

The charcoal briquette machine adopts a new screw extrusion principle to squeeze the prepared pulverized coal into a certain strength and predetermined shape of coal sticks.

  • Our charcoal briquette machine adopts the hard-tooth surface reducer, which is small in size and high in load capacity.
  • The impeller inside the charcoal briquette extruder is designed with thickened blades, and the impeller and the inner liner of the cylinder are made of wear-resistant precision casting materials.

After the materials enter from the feeding port, they will be squeezed forward through the inner cone mold to make the compression between the materials extremely tight. There is strong friction between the material and the cylinder, which causes the temperature of the coal powder to rise while generating heat, the moisture and the binder are more uniform, the plasticity of the coal is also greatly increased, and finally, it is extruded in the flat part of the mold.

From raw material input to finished product output, every step of the process is in smooth sequence and unrivaled efficiency.

Structure of the charcoal briquette extruder

The main structure of the coal stick machine is composed of a motor, a reducer, a screw propeller shaft, a mold, and the final cutter.

Structure Of The Charcoal Briquette Machine
Structure Of The Charcoal Briquette Machine

We provide customers with a large number of different molds to choose from, and we can also customize them according to customer needs.

Three different cutting methods

  1. Pneumatic cutting device
Pneumatic Cutting Device
Pneumatic Cutting Device

This kind of pneumatic cutting machine is generally equipped at the exit of the charcoal briquette machine and equipped with an induction device. When the coal rod reaches a certain length, it will automatically cut.

2. Cubic charcoal cutting machine


This cubic-cutting device is used to cut cubic coal. The cut coal rods pass through this machine to become coal blocks of uniform shape and size.

3. CNC cutting device

Cnc Cutting Device
Cnc Cutting Device

This is our latest coal-cutting machine. It adopts an intelligent control system, the cutting length of coal rods can be adjusted freely and can be used to cut coal rods of various shapes.

Its intelligent control system ensures ease of operation while increasing productivity.

Display of the charcoal briquette machine

Parameter of the coal briquette making machine

charcoal briquette press machine parameter list

Molding poor solution

  1. Add adhesive
    When solving the problem of the molding machine, adding a binder is a common solution. Its function is to increase the viscosity between coal powder. However, there are many types of adhesives, and should be handled with care. In addition, the binder is made according to the characteristics of a certain material, so it is best to do experiments first, to ensure the molding effect after adding.
  2. Change the physical state of pulverized coal
    The change of the physical state is to change the distance between the pulverized coal molecules, which is more conducive to the adhesion between the pulverized coal. Time has proved that the smaller the particle size of coal powder, the greater the attraction between molecules. Therefore, before entering the rod coal machine, a large piece of pulverized coal must be crushed, and the coal gangue inside must be screened out to solve the problem of forming from the physical state.
  3. Control water content
    The forming problem of pulverized coal is not only related to the particle size, particle size, and hardness of the pulverized coal but also related to the moisture content. The molding effect is different under different moisture content. Therefore, before the large particles or large particles of coal powder are fed into the coal stick extruder, it is not only pulverized but also a certain amount of water needs to be added. However, when the moisture content is too high, it is not conducive to molding. At this time, it is necessary to squeeze it out after drying with drying equipment.

Tips for using charcoal briquette machine

  • Before using the machine, it must be operated empty, check whether all nuts are loose and tightened, check whether there are foreign objects or abnormal noises, and check whether the energy position is accurate.
  • To use the coal stick machine, you must first test the machine to check whether the machine is running normally. Before testing the machine, you must add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil in a stable position with a moderate amount of oil.
  • Before starting each shift, check whether the position of the machine is sensitive there is no abnormal sound, and the machine can be used for consumption after 2 to 3 seconds of dry operation.
  • To prevent the coal rod generator from overloading, the user must install a DC voltmeter and adjust the material and moisture according to the DC ammeter.
  • The raw materials must be processed before production. The maximum particle size is less than 2 mm. After adding water, add the binder and curing agent, and use it after 24 hours of stirring. If the discharge port of the coal rod machine is blocked, single wood or bamboo rods must be used for excavation, and non-metal rods must not be used.
  • The bearings of the rotating position of coal stick machine tools must be injected with smooth oil regularly, and the measurement of the bearing position should not exceed 60 degrees.
  • The machine must be shut down before unloading. After the cylinder of the coal sliver machine is emptied by objects, shut it down, assemble the head, clean it and reinstall it, and prepare for work.

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