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A charcoal briquette drying machine is the equipment used to dry charcoal during the production and processing of charcoal. Charcoal is the dark brown or black porous solid fuel remaining after incomplete combustion of wood or wood raw materials, or pyrolysis in the absence of air. The charcoal dryer has been tested and proved by customers many times, and it has been effectively verified in terms of environmental protection, energy-saving, safety, and intelligent control. Charcoal dryers have gained popularity in Iran, South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines, and other countries as they create huge profits for charcoal producers.

After Charcoal Briquettes Drying
After Charcoal Briquettes Drying

Raw materials for charcoal briquette drying machine

charcoal briquette drying machines are generally used to dry formed charcoal. Such as shisha charcoal, coal sticks, barbecue charcoal, etc. After drying with charcoal, the charcoal still maintains a good shape and will not destroy the exquisite shape of shisha charcoal. And small-scale machines can also be used for drying fruits, medicines, plants, meat, and other products, with various functions.

No harmful substances will be produced during the drying process, and there will be no smoke or open flames during the drying process. The temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the drying materials, and the degree of intelligence is high. There is no need for specialized personnel to take care of the drying process. After the material is dried or the drying temperature reaches the drying temperature, the unit will automatically stop to achieve the effect of energy-saving.

Structure of shisha charcoal dryer machine

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Charcoal drying and dehumidifying unit (adjustable temperature in drying room: 20℃-75℃, adjustable humidity: 5%-95%)

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With a trolley, The trolley is convenient for drying and short-distance transportation of dried charcoal.

Shisha &Amp; Bbq Charcoal Dryer Machine

The thermal insulation box is made of 4mm color steel for charcoal drying, and 7mm thermal insulation rock wool is sandwiched in the middle, which can keep the outside of the machine at room temperature, avoid burns, and at the same time ensure that the internal temperature of the machine does not lose.

Charcoal Briquettes Drying Machine

Hot air circulation part. The hot air circulation system can make the hookah charcoal dryer heat evenly, and the edges and corners of the charcoal can also be dried.

The heating method of BBQ charcoal dryer

Charcoal Briquettes Drying Machine
Charcoal Briquettes Drying Machine

The hookah charcoal dryer box has various heating methods and supports customization. Common heating methods include electric heating, gas heating, fuel heating, and coal heating. After understanding customer needs, Shuli’s machine design will be based on customer requirements. Special customization for customer convenience.

Charcoal briquette drying machine models and parameters

Charcoal Briquette Drying Machine
Charcoal Briquette Drying Machine
ModelDimensions(mm)Number of hot air fans(1 set/0.58KW)Number of moisture extracting fans(1 set/0.12KW)Induced draft fan(1 set/0.37KW)Drying carts(group)Amount of drying(each time/kg)
Models and parameters

At present, Shuli company has four charcoal drying box machines, the output of each drying is 600kg-2400kg, SL-2 is the smallest model machine, each drying 600kg, 2 means that this dryer has Two trolleys, the size of the model in the table is named according to the number of trolleys, the largest dryer is SL-8, which can dry 2400kg each time, with 8 trolleys.

How hookah charcoal dryer works

Hookah Charcoal Dryer
Hookah Charcoal Dryer

In order to set the shape of the charcoal during the molding process, a binding machine and water will be added for mixing. After processing, the hookah charcoal and the barbecue charcoal are both watery and need a dryer to be dried and shaped. The charcoal briquette drying machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the charcoal dryer uses hot air to circulate in the box to shorten the drying time of materials and ensure the drying effect of products. Generally speaking, the dryer can reduce the moisture content of the material from 40% to 8% in about 7-8 hours.

How to use the charcoal briquette drying machine

Put the charcoal to be dried on the rack of the cart, then push it into the charcoal briquette drying machine, adjust the drying time of the machine, and then dry it. After the time is up, the machine will automatically stop, and then the finished machine will be dried.

Advantages of charcoal briquette drying machine

Charcoal Briquette Drying Machine
Charcoal Briquette Drying Machine

1. Good material. 304 stainless steel ensures that the machine is not damaged in wet environments and is durable.

2. Safety: Using electrical separation technology, there is no danger of electric shock, leakage, flammable fire, explosion, etc.

3. The charcoal briquette drying machine is uniform, there is no dead angle in the drying room, and there will be no phenomenon that the material will not dry in a certain corner.

4. Easy installation: easy installation, small footprint, can be installed in any place indoors or outdoors.

5. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: there is no combustion and emissions, and it fully complies with food hygiene standards. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

6. High degree of intelligence: It adopts microcomputer intelligent control, without manual participation, and can be continuously dried for 24 hours.

7. Wide range of applications: suitable for products or materials that need drying and dehumidification in all walks of life.

video of charcoal briquette drying machine

charcoal briquette drying machine working video