Structure and working principle of the commercial coconut shell carbonization furnace

Commercial continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of continuous carbonization equipment produced by the Shuliy Machinery Plant. This equipment organically combines the principle of gasification type continuous carbonization and the principle of drum heating, which can realize a new process of smokeless carbonization.

Carbonization furnace for wood charcoal

Carbonization furnace equipment, as an important link in the production of charcoal, affects the quality of charcoal directly by the control of its carbonization temperature. Therefore, users need to acquire technology and temperature control the carbonization furnace equipment production, so as to produce high-quality charcoal, thus ensure the high production rate of charcoal. Compared with traditional…

Production process of charcoal making machine (I)

As the implement of initiative emphasizing on environmental production is going well, all industrial enterprises have carried their policies aiming at their green and sustainable development of their business out consistently. Among which, the clean and eco-friendly charcoal making industry has contributed a large ratio in green producing program. Charcoal making machine is mainly designed…

How to use environmental friendly carbonation machine

While the traditional way of carbonation in waste recycling has economic advantages, serious environmental pollution problems are emerging. According to research, the traditional coking furnace way has become a new source of environmental pollution by producing a large number of dense smoke. It is not only a bottleneck problem posted in front of environmental protection,…

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