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Production process of charcoal making machine (I)

As the implement of initiative emphasizing on environmental production is going well, all industrial enterprises have carried their policies aiming at their green and sustainable development of their business out consistently. Among which, the clean and eco-friendly charcoal making industry has contributed a large ratio in green producing program.

Charcoal making machine is mainly designed and developed to produce quality charcoal. The charcoal making machine can be utilized to process mass biomass materials into charcoal products. So have you ever wondered how charcoal making machine process of charcoal actually works? Only operators understand and grasp the working theory of charcoal making machine process flow, can the better charcoal making effect overweighting the average charcoals be obtained.

The production process of charcoal making machine can be divided into four main parts: raw material preparation, raw material block pressing, sawdust block carbonization, soot treatment, soot emission, and other subsidiary processes. The combination, by different production processes constituting together, is the charcoal machine production process. After the successive process, the raw material will be turned into charcoal.

Raw material preparation process: crushing, screening, drying, transportation;

Raw material briquetting process: extrusion briquetting, sawdust block cutting, sawdust block collection;

Sawdust block carbonization process: sawdust block transportation, sawdust block stacking, sawdust block carbonization, and carbonization;

Dust and soot treatment process: charcoal cooling, wood tar oil treatment and collection, dust purification, waste reuse and recycling.

Charcoal making machine production four steps:

Step 1: process wood by the wood grinder for fine crushing

The stand or fall of wood crusher crushing for raw materials and quality depends on one of the most important step of the manufacturing quality of charcoal. After repeated testing and inspection, only raw material crushed into 3 mm by charcoal making machine is better. If the crushing degree not sufficient, it is recommended to repeat the wood crushing process for two or three times, Shuliy mechanical wood grinder with manganese steel alloy and carbon blade, is stable in performance, high in crushing efficiency.

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