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The benefits of wood crusher in treating waste wood

Wood crusher can turn old wood into waste and turn waste into money. Wood crusher equipment in the work, materials in the crushing chamber can be good and efficient fine crushing, wood crusher with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, fine and uniform discharge. And in the use of the equipment, low noise, dust, pollution, simple operation, low maintenance costs, easy to operate. What are the advantages of using wood crushers to dispose of old wood?

Wood crusher
  1. In terms of the degree of waste, some of the timber is still large and can be said to have regular shapes of timber, then such as scrap wood, back can be slightly processed into wooden pallets, wooden legs and other things, but also easy to deal with, so people who buy wood like to collect such wood.


  1. Waste wood has a lot of irregular shapes of wood, such wood generally has several uses such as breaking and pressing them into composite board, that is, the so-called three-ply board, five-ply board and so on, can also be used as fertilizer.


  1. Waste wood can be crushed to process particleboard, sawdust board, density board, used in furniture factories to produce furniture, high-decorated tables and chairs, housing decoration.


  1. Smokeless charcoal can be produced by crushing waste wood with other sawdust, rod making machine and carbonization furnace.


  1. The shredded wood can be used as pulp raw material in paper mills. Everyone knows that rice straw, wheat straw and other crop straw were used in papermaking before. Because of the serious pollution, most of the wood is now used as pulp raw material.