Environmental protection and energy saving in the process of carbonization furnace

The smokeless continuous carbonization furnace adopts a reasonable smokeless and environmentally friendly carbonization process, and is a new type of rapid carbonization and energy-saving equipment. Adopting a reasonable smoke-free environmental protection carbonization process

How to improve the quality of briquette charcoal?

The quality of briquette charcoal is different due to the different types of raw materials and making processes. From the analysis of the entire production process of the charcoal machine, the main factors affecting the quality of the briquette charcoal including the raw material, the temperature and pressure during the molding process. The definition of good briquette charcoal is resistance to burning, high carbon content, beautiful and compact appearance, high hardness, and high burning temperature.

Tips about the biomass gasifier plant

The gas produced by the biomass gas stove belongs to the green new energy and has strong vitality. The amount of solid biomass available in most rural areas is huge, mainly agricultural waste and wood waste. The distribution of biomass is scattered, it is difficult to collect and transport, and it is difficult to adopt large-scale combustion technology, so small and medium-scale biomass gasification power generation technology has unique advantages.

How to maintain the charcoal machine?

What should I do about the wear of the propeller of the charcoal machine? To solve this problem is actually very simple. First of all, the raw materials must be ensured to be dry, so that the wear of the propeller is relatively small, and the particle size and impurity content of the saw have an impact on the degree of wear, and the size of the motor is too small. Since the power is not small enough, the horse-drawn cart will also cause the acceleration of the thruster wear. It is better to choose high-carbon steel wear-resistant electrode when welding the thruster.

Economic benefit analysis of the charcoal machine investment

With the development of society and economy, two significant changes have taken place in the investment of the charcoal industry: First, the development from small-scale labor-intensive to fully automatic large-scale efficiency; Second, the configuration of a complete set of charcoal machines is developed from production-oriented to environmentally friendly. The common characteristics pursued by many charcoal manufacturers are good efficiency, smoke-free environmental protection, and a high degree of automation.

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