Composition of wood chip charcoal briquette production line

The composition of the environmentally friendly Sawdust charcoal briquette production line is composed of four equipments: Wood crusher, dryer, Sawdust briquette machine and carbonization furnace. We introduce the environmental protection principles of these newly designed equipments one by one.

Wood Crusher

Wood crusher

The Wood crusher is to smash the larger raw materials to the size we need. The granules of the materials coming out in this process are small, so there will be dust or a lot of dust, so the workers may not only inhale the respiratory tract during work. Disease, but also distributed in the air to cause pollution. According to the customer’s reaction, the new design of the crusher has a Shakron part to make a buffer, and the Shakron’s exit also has a secondary buffer for the windshield, and finally the dust is completely removed by the bag’s dust removal. If it is handled well, then there will be no previous pollution of the air during the work.

Airflow Dryer


For the dryer, because this is to dry the wet material to the moisture we need, so the wet material has no dust, and there is no pollution during the drying process, so for the dryer There is no need to do anything environmentally friendly.

Sawdust Briquette Machine

Sawdust briquette machine

The Sawdust briquette machine is the core equipment of the environmentally friendly charcoal machine. First of all, the Sawdust briquette machine equipment is technically required. We must first master the repair technology of the propeller, and then master the dry humidity of the raw materials. These two main Factors can cause unformed reasons. Then the principle of the Sawdust briquette machine in the production process is produced under the action of high temperature and high pressure. Then these raw materials are all raw materials containing lignin, which will generate a large amount of smoke when they are subjected to high temperature and high pressure. When we are in a severe time, we can produce it completely, but now the form of environmental protection is very serious, so we can’t let any smoke be polluted by any kind of smoke. Then we have been studying the Acer machine for many years. A flue gas recovery device is installed on the top of the rod, and the flue gas is recovered by the action of the induced draft fan, and then burned out by the pipeline to guide the other places, so that the Sawdust briquette machine equipment can reach the environmental protection standard.

Carbonization Furnace

Carbonization furnace

The carbonization furnace is an advanced technology that utilizes the function of oxygen-free retorting to recover, purify, and circulate the combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen generated during the carbonization process, that is, solves the smoke generated in the carbonization process of the old carbonization furnace. The problem of environmental pollution has solved the thermal energy problem required for environmentally friendly charcoal machines. Because the dryer needs a heat source to dry during use, the heat source generated by the carbonization furnace can be used as a fuel for the dryer to be used. The furnace equipment has achieved the self-sufficiency of the heat source, improved the continuity, economy and environmental protection of the carbonization furnace equipment, fully utilized the agricultural waste, turned it into waste, and truly achieved environmental protection and smoke-free, responding to environmental protection. The call is a new milestone for environmentally friendly charcoal machines.

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