Making complete charcoal requires the use of multiple charcoal briquette making machines. Charcoal is an important product in current production capacity, and many customers have complete sets of equipment to make charcoal for sale.

Wood Charcoal Briquettes Production
Wood Charcoal Briquette Production
Charcoal Briquette Product Application
Charcoal Briquette Product Application

Main Raw Materials for Charcoal

Coconut shells, bamboo, sawdust, branches, peanut shells, and rice hulls. These are important sources of materials for the production of environmentally friendly molded carbon. After being processed by a series of carbonization equipment, useful fuel energy can be formed.

The Process of Making Charcoal

Generally speaking, for raw materials such as branches, wood, etc., we use to produce molded charcoal. The charcoal briquette making machine processes mainly crushing, mixing, molding, drying, and shaping charcoal. Generally, we will use such finished products for barbecue, heating, industrial and other purposes. The equipment includes four wood crushers, carbonization furnaces, grinders, mixers, forming machines, and dryers.

Charcoal Briquette Making Machines
Charcoal Briquette Making Machines
  1. The wood crusher crushes the branches into wood chips of suitable fineness.
  2. Then use a carbonization furnace to process various wood chips into charcoal.
  3. Next, the charcoal needs a grinder for further crushing.
  4. The crushed charcoal powder must be placed in a mixer and mixed evenly with the binder.
  5. Put it into the molding equipment to make carbon blocks of various shapes.

Shaped charcoal has high carbon content and long burning time, and is deeply loved by customers.

Charcoal Briquette Making Machine from Shuliy

Our briquette making machines include hookah charcoal machines, coal rod machines, and briquette machines. These machines are equipment that directly press pulverized coal into shape. If you need any machine, feel free to contact us.