What factors affect the quality of charcoal produced by new charcoal machines?

The new charcoal machine series mainly includes branch mill (stalk crusher, wood crusher, drum crusher), dryer (rotary dryerairflow dryer), sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace (soil) Kiln carbonization furnace), carbon powder pulverizer, mixer, carbon powder forming machine, straw forming machine, carbon rod drying furnace and fully automatic sawing carbonization unit. The new charcoal machine is produced by crushing sawdust, branches, rice husks, bamboo chips, peanut skin, sunflower seed shells, furfural residue, wine residue, sugar cane bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee grounds, and crop straw. The forming machine is made of high-temperature, high-pressure and plasticized molding into semi-finished materials of mechanical carbon, and then the finished carbon-charcoal is burned through a carbonization furnace. Charcoal is used for heating, purification, barbecue, smelting, handicrafts, cigarettes, etc.

Charcoal Briquette Production Line
1. There is no salary bar in the production process of the sawdust briquette machine. When such a problem occurs, it is generally because the heating temperature is too high or the standard is not reached, or the forming sleeve may be worn too much, and the moisture in the raw material is too large. And other factors. After you need to find out the cause, compare them one by one and make corresponding adjustments.

2, the surface of the crack, is also a frequent problem, if the water is too large, it will cause transverse cracks, and if the water is too small, it will cause longitudinal cracks, so the seriousness of this problem should be paid attention to during the production process. If the water is too large, it will also cause the salary bar to bend.

3. The center density of the salary bar is small and contains scattered sawdust. This phenomenon may be caused by the wear of the auger and the uncoordinated high temperature. This requires the operation of the welding and thickening of the auger.

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