Which Fuel Is Better For The Sawdust Drying Machine?

Which fuel is better for the sawdust drying machine?

The reuse of wet sawdust can save resources well, and the sawdust drying machine can make full use of the heat source to dry sawdust quickly and reduce the waste of resources. There are more kinds of heat sources for sawdust dryers, such as coal, biomass pellets, natural gas, etc. So which fuel is better to use for the sawdust dryer and which fuel is low cost to use?

Two Different Types Of Charcoal Production

Two different types of charcoal production

Charcoal is the product of incomplete wood combustion and is an environmentally friendly fuel. There are two main ways of processing charcoal, the order of carbonization and molding can be exchanged. Both ways can produce high-quality charcoal. Shuliy charcoal machine company has been exported for ten years and has a set of charcoal production equipment with different output and types of carbonization ovens.

Which Factors Affect The Efficiency Of The Sawdust Drying Machine

Which factors affect the efficiency of the sawdust drying machine

A sawdust dryer is the drying equipment mainly for drying wet sawdust. Sawdust is often used for wood chip sticks, which are high-quality fuel. Generally, wood chip sticks are products produced by stick making machine using wood chips, and the production of wood chip sticks has high moisture requirements for wood chips by, the moisture should be ≤12%, and the temperature of stick making is 180℃-200℃ so that the wood chip sticks can be resistant to burning. If the humidity of wood chips is high, the produced wood chip sticks are easy to be scattered and not strong. For users, its production effectiveness is a matter of concern. Want to ensure the high production efficiency of the sawdust dryer, how should we operate it?

How To Control The Water Content Of Charcoal?

How to control the water content of charcoal?

cess of charcoal production, whether it can produce good quality charcoal is related to many factors, including charcoal production equipment, production technology, and production raw materials. The water content of the raw materials produced by the charcoal machine is an important technical factor in the process of charcoal machine processing.

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