Some countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and North America have abundant coconut shell resources. Many investors want to know how to use coconut shells to create substantial profits. Making charcoal is a good way to make profits and the effect of coconut shells after carbonization is better than other materials.

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Coconut Shell Carbonization Furnace

Advantages of coconut shell carbonization

 The coconut shell carbonization machine adopts the advanced technology of recovering, purifying, and circulating combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen produced during the charring process of materials. That is, it solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the smoke produced by ordinary coconut shell charring furnaces in the process of charring, and solves the problem of heat energy required by the charcoal machine equipment, fully achieving self-supply, improving the continuity and economy of the equipment, making full use of agricultural and forestry residues, turning them into treasures and making more contributions to greening the environment.

Coconut shell carbonization furnace introduction

Shuliy machinery has three kinds of carbonization furnaces, which have the same function but different output and appearances. The hoisting carbonization furnace is suitable for the carbonization of small output. The output of the horizontal carbonization furnace is larger than that of the hoisting carbonization furnace. can pull out the inner liner directly after carbonization, which is convenient for loading and unloading materials. The continuous carbonization furnace can carry out continuous production of coconut shell carbon and can form a complete and fully automatic production line with the coconut shell carbon forming machine

The working principle of the coconut shell carbonization machine

Coconut Shell Carbonization Furnace

The charcoal furnace is to burn the material first through the gasifier to produce smoke, after the smoke purification system considers out the wood tar smoke and other gas impurities, the smoke will be transmitted into the charcoal machine for combustion, to reach a certain temperature, coconut shell charcoal furnace add the material to be charred, after the transmission of the pipeline, so that the material in the charcoal machine burning, organic combustion needs to meet three points: heat, oxygen and organic matter, because the charcoal machine inside is almost closed Space, to meet the needs of oxygen-deficient gas, so that the material in the charring machine inside 800 degrees, after the adjustment of the internal conveying device of coconut shell charcoal furnace fast and slow will not burn into ash, will only burn into charcoal. The smoke produced by the burning materials in the coconut shell charcoal stove is treated by smoke purification and then returned to the coconut shell charcoal stove for combustion so that the heat of the machine can run continuously to achieve smokeless, environmental protection and continuous effect.

Coconut Shell
Coconut Shell

Finally, the charcoal is conveyed through the cooling machine for cooling so that the charcoal comes out with a temperature of only 50-80 degrees. During the process of conveying the charcoal after it comes out because the charcoal is fully exposed to air if the material is dense and thick, although there is no open fire on the surface, there may be sparks in the inner core of the material, and there may be spontaneous combustion. It is necessary to install mist spraying equipment to cool down the charcoal for the second time, so as to completely eliminate the source of the fire.