Many Indonesian users choose coconut shell carbonization furnace

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1, Indonesia is a tropical rain forest, the local vegetation is very rich, such as coconut shell, where the coconut trees are very much, and also rich in coconut, then the coconut is eaten or used, the remaining coconut shell what can we do about it. According to Indonesian users, the local coconut shells have to be disposed of quickly because of the large amount of coconut shells. Therefore, many Indonesian users will choose the coconut shell charring furnace at this time.

Carbonization Furnace

2 Indonesia’s raw materials are not only coconut shells, but also a lot of palm shells need to be treated, so the coconut shell carbonization furnace is not just a carbonized coconut shell. This coconut shell carbonization furnace is multi-purpose, according to the local user. Raw materials, as long as it is a raw material containing lignin, can be carbonized. If it is a larger material, then our advanced pulverization and carbonization, the same when carbonized coconut shell, because the coconut shell itself is relatively large and hard. It must be crushed first and then carbonized.

Carbonization Furnace

3, the coconut shell carbonization of the coconut shell charcoal practicality, the coconut shell itself is the density of large hardness, so after the coconut shell carbonization furnace came out, the production of coconut shell charcoal after processing can be used as activated carbon, Or it can be processed in depth, processed into a charcoal for household use, and used to eliminate odor at home. Because the adsorption capacity and carbon content of coconut shell charcoal are relatively large, it is very suitable for use as activated carbon. The sales of activated carbon is very extensive. So many users in Indonesia will come to choose the coconut shell charring furnace.

Carbonization Furnace

4, 24-hour continuous production of coconut shell carbonization furnace, coconut shell carbonization furnace one-time ignition can be continuous production for one month, technically, there is a centralized control cabinet, high degree of electronics, save A lot of labor, then the output of up to 1T-1.5T in one hour, using the debugging motor, the speed can be adjusted, so the output can be adjusted, and the display of the temperature control table, the temperature can also be adjusted, Then the quality of the produced charcoal can be fully controlled.

Carbonization Furnace

5, coconut shell carbonization furnace is a multi-functional smoke-free environmental protection integrated carbonization furnace equipment, why can we say smoke-free environmental protection, it is because the equipment uses a flue gas purification device, we all know that the carbonization furnace in the process of carbonization There will be a lot of smoke polluting air, so our Acer’s coconut shell carbonization furnace can use the purification and recovery system to thoroughly recycle these gases, not only can be recycled, but also can be used to treat these flue gases through the purification system. The pure flammable gas is obtained, and the flammable gas is re-used to the carbonization furnace for fuel use through the transportation of the pipeline, and the environmental protection is smokeless.

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