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Continuous carbonizing furnace for charcoal making

The continuous carbonization furnace can make wooden materials like wood sawdust or peanut shell into charcoal. This equipment can continuously carbonize for 24 hours, realizing simultaneous feeding and discharging. It is the ideal equipment for the mass production of charcoal.

Energy-saving charcoal machine hot products

The charcoal machine is short for several pieces of equipment: the charcoal machine equipment mainly includes a crusher, a dryer, a sawdust briquette machine , and a carbonization furnace. The charcoal machine raw materials may be sawdust, rice husk, husk,…

The correct use of carbonization furnace

The “carbonization” process in the charcoal briquette production line equipment is an important part of the whole carbon production process. The fuel bar (semi-finished product) directly determines the product properties and the market price of the mechanism charcoal after the…