How to choose charcoal machine production line equipment?

1. Mainly look at a specific situation of customers. To produce charcoal, you must purchase complete sets of equipment for charcoal machine production line(pulverizer, dryer, bar machine, carbonization furnace). The charcoal machine equipment includes dryer and bar machine. The carbonization furnace can also choose the soil for production, and the crusher is selected according to the customer’s raw materials.

Charcoal Machine Production Line

2, you need to see what your raw materials are, and then let the manufacturers configure the equipment. For example, wood chips and straw can also be used to make charcoal, but the equipment used is different and the price is different.

3, the use of charcoal is different, the process of making charcoal is different, the equipment is different. For example, charcoal needs 7500 calories to burn, so in this case, it needs to be crushed, dried, rod and carbonized. If charcoal is made into an adsorbent, in this case, it needs to be carbonized and reshaped. The equipment in these two cases is different, the same is charcoal, but the price is very different.

4, according to their own needs of production, different production needs different equipment, the price is also different, such as 1 ton per day, 2 tons per day, 6 tons per day, 10 tons per day, etc., this different production needs different equipment, price It will be different.

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