Environmentally friendly charcoal machines are important for economic development

With the popularization of cities and the construction of smart cities, society will increase its efforts on environmental protection. The environmentally-friendly charcoal machine industry is also an area that will become a transformation facility such as farmland transformation and will be the growth point of future social development.

In recent years, the development of India resources has promoted the rapid rise of charcoal machine equipment in heavy industry, and the timing has been invested in the mechanism carbon production industry.

The profit of charcoal production is obvious to all. With the increase of demand, there are more and more people who are engaged in the production of charcoal. Due to the influence of environmental protection policies, the charcoal factory, which is not environmentally friendly and environmentally unsatisfactory, has been ordered to suspend business. This can rush the investors, while the user is urging the goods, while unable to produce, watching the white flowers and so on, it is really anxious for investors.

Shuliy catered to the market demand and developed a green charcoal machine production equipment with excellent environmental performance. The smoke treatment rate reached 100%, forming a smoke-free environmentally friendly charcoal production line. It was approved by the environmental protection department. If you want to produce charcoal smoothly, choose Shuliy. Environmentally friendly charcoal machine equipment, environmental protection.

Sawdust Briquette Machine

The flammable gas produced by the combustion of the combustibles in Shuliy’s environmentally friendly charcoal machine after being sprayed, cooled, purified, etc. in the pipeline, as a heat source for the previous carbonization, for single furnace, two furnace or three The raw materials (such as mechanism rods, logs, bark, coconut shell, etc.) of the 1#, 2#, and 3# carbonization tanks in the furnace-type carbonization furnace are heated and carbonized, and the carbonization process is closed and oxygen-free carbonization and the raw materials in the furnace will be A series of physical and chemical reactions occur, and a large amount of flue gas is generated.

The flue gas is completely recovered, and then becomes a combustible gas by spraying, cooling, purifying, etc., and the combustible gas can be re-burned through an external pipe to supply a dry distillation carbonization furnace. For carbonization. In this way, the self-generated flammable gas is burned by itself to achieve the energy-saving effect; the smokeless gas is discharged during the whole production process to meet the national environmental protection requirements.

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