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How can we ensure the quality of the charcoal machine?

To make a good machine-made of charcoal, we must first ensure that the bar machine makes the quality of the salary bar. Only a good salary bar can carbonize the good machine-made charcoal. Years of practice has proved that in order to make high-quality firewood sticks with charcoal briquette production line, we must master three elements: raw material moisture, qualified propeller, and appropriate molding temperature.

1, the moisture of the raw materials

The rods have higher moisture requirements for the raw materials, and the moisture content of the raw materials is generally between 5% and 12%. If the moisture content is <5%, the conversion and degree of raw materials are poor, the stick is not strong; if the water content is >12%, the stick is soft and easy to bend, and the density is small.

Usually, fresh materials (such as fresh bamboo, raw branches, etc.) contain about 50% water, which needs to be dried 1-2 times with a dryer. If the raw materials are dried in the open air or exposed to the sun for 1-2 days, the number of drying can be reduced by one time. In any case, we have to dry the raw materials more than once to meet the requirements of the rod.

How to identify the dryness and wetness of raw materials? Generally speaking, we make a rough identification by looking at the hand and feeling. As long as we accumulate experience, this approach is still feasible. In the first line, we touched the working separator shell by hand, and the temperature made the hand feel hot. Secondly, the color of the material just coming out was asked to be yellow; it is best to grab the material just by hand and use the palm of your hand. Into the group, and then let go, let the raw materials all spread out. If the above requirements are met at the same time, it can be considered that the raw materials meet the requirements, of course, the final inspection by the bar machine. If the propeller is normal and the production of the salary bar meets the product quality requirements, the moisture content is just in the normal range.

2, propeller

Whether the propeller is qualified or not determines whether the quality of the rod is qualified or not. The thruster is an easy-to-donor piece, and the frictional force generated by the contact of the top end portion with the raw material during the high-speed rotation causes the end face to be severely worn. In the case where the end face angle becomes small or the contact surface becomes rough and speckled, the rod produced does not meet the requirements and even does not stick. At this point, we should repair the thruster according to the method taught by the manufacturer’s technician to meet the technical requirements. As long as the operator (or maintenance personnel) often practice and explore, it will be easy to grasp.

3, the working temperature of the bar machine

The temperature of the rod forming cylinder is generally controlled at 260 ° C – 300 ° C. The temperature is mainly determined by the raw materials. First, we should know that the purpose of warming the raw materials is to soften the lignin and increase the viscosity for high-pressure molding. If the temperature is too high, the raw material softens excessively, and the stick speed is fast, but the stick is not strong and soft. If it is too low, the viscosity of the raw material is poor, and the rod is not strong, and it is easy to form a crack. Therefore, we have to repeatedly explore the extent to which the temperature of the rod is appropriate. Generally speaking, the temperature of the bamboo wood raw material is relatively low, and it is suitable for 260°C-300°C, and the straw and rice husk can be 300°C-320°C. Of course, the choice of temperature also depends on the actual water content of the raw materials. The same raw material is used to make the rods, and the temperature is also different, mainly by the operator. In addition, if the bar machine works normally, the salary bar should be smoother, with a layer of shine, and the surface of the bar is dark black, and the hand is heavy and heavy.