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Four steps in the production process of environmentally friendly charcoal machine

In view of the current environmental protection situation, Shuliy Machinery has produced complete sets of environmentally-friendly charcoal machines and actively responded to environmental protection requirements. At present, the complete sets of smoke-free environmentally-friendly charcoal machines have four important links in production, as long as they master these four links, they can produce them. Smoke-free environmental protection can reach the standard machine-made of charcoal.

The first important thing is to crush the raw materials.

In the process of fine crushing, special attention should be paid to crushing the raw materials into small particles. Environmental protection is not up to standard. The raw materials used are very important. The standard of small particles is 5mm to 10mm. Only when this standard is met can the next step be carried out. If the standard is not met, it will be crushed until the standard is reached.

The second

The second important part is to carry out energy-saving drying treatment of the pulverized raw materials, and the raw materials reach the appropriate humidity so that the refined machine-made charcoal can be produced. The standard of raw material humidity is 8% to 12%, only when this humidity is reached. Rod forming can be performed.

The third important part is rod forming.

In the process of making the rod, the temperature of the rod must reach 300 degrees or more. If the temperature is not reached, it will not be easy to form. If the temperature is too high, it will become easy to change. soft.


The fourth important link is smokeless carbonization, smokeless carbonization, smokeless carbonization, and important things to write three times. In the smokeless carbonization process of semi-finished wood sticks, the new smokeless carbonization furnace of Yufeng Machinery can be easily realized. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, smoke-free, the general time needs to reach 8 to 12 hours, so as not to be carbonized.

The above four important links are the production process of environmentally friendly charcoal machine complete sets of equipment. If you want to know more, you can leave your contact information, we will arrange professional technical staff to explain in detail!