Carbonization furnace

Carbonation machine application

The carbonization furnace is applicable for coconut shell,wood chip, waste furniture Wooden stick and etc.


Component of Carbonation machine

One outer stove, three inner stoves, one smoking recycle tube,

One purification tank, one five-ton hoisting equipment with


Carbonization machine work steps

  1. Open the furnace cover
  2. Lift out the furnace, place it in the charcoal area
  3. Open the furnace lid, Put the stick in it.
  4. Cover the furnace lid and hang the furnace into the furnace body.
  5. Open the three outlets of the furnace in turn, cover the furnace cover, and put some sand on the periphery of the furnace cover to seal and start carbonization.

Main Feathers

  1. Oxygen-free and smokeless carbonization.

2.Three liner stoves, no need to do preheat treatment and can achieve continuous work.

3. The raw material carbon removal rate is 40-60%, and the finished product rate is over 95%.

4. The hoisting combination structure can carbonize multiple furnaces in one day, shortening the production cycle.

Main parameters

No. Model Power Dimension Qty
1 SL-1300 1.5+1.5+3kw 1840X2010mm 1 set
2 SL-1500 1.5+1.5+3kw 1940X2010mm 1 set
3 SL-1800 1.5+1.5+3kw 2300X2130mm 1 set