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A Mauritian customer purchased a carbonization furnace in our company, and purchased a horizontal carbonization furnace. Our manager customized a carbonization furnace production plan for the Mauritius customer according to the customer’s needs.

Carbonization furnace production plan

Raw material: wood log
Requirements: Horizontal Carbonization Furnace
Output: Of 500 kg output
Product sales method: direct sales
Input: 1500kg-2000kg

Why choose a horizontal carbonization furnace?

The customer was very firm in the choice of the carbonization furnace. The manager Beco recommended two types of vertical carbonization furnace and horizontal carbonization furnace to the customer. The customer chose the horizontal carbonization furnace because the customer said that the horizontal carbonization furnace was easier operate for him.

Horizontal carbonization furnace


Inner size:1.5*1.5m Thickness: 8mm

Capacity:500kg charcoal per day


 Package size:1.9*1.8*2.1m

Weight:1.2 tons

Carbonization furnace quotation

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

Why do we need to understand the needs of customers first when we quote? The first reason is that we need to recommend suitable machines to customers according to the output they want to process. In addition, the reason why we cannot quote directly is related to the transportation cost. We cooperate with some transportation companies, and the price of this cost will change at different times. Therefore, we must first understand the customer’s needs and purchase time before giving the customer a fixed price.