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Wood crusher


The wood crusher (also called wood shredder machine)is suitable for crushing and recycling all kinds of biomass materials, such as hardwood, cork, particleboard, plywood, abandoned wooden sofa, wooden cabinets, furniture,  branches, bamboo, straw and so on. And the large-type wood crushing machine even can be used for processing pine, Samu, fir, and other big materials. The industrial wood crusher is widely used for home-use purposes to recycle various biomass materials and also used in the complete charcoal production line to crush wood into small pieces.

Raw materials for processing with the commercial wood crusher

The common wooden raw materials and various biomass materials in our lives can be crushed using a wood crusher. Common raw materials are logs, branches, straws, waste furniture, waste boards, wooden boxes, wood wastes, wood chips, wood pieces, bamboo, panel, and corn comb, stalks, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith jute sticks, groundnut shells, etc. Although the application range of wood shredders is wide, it does not mean that the same wood shredder can process all raw materials. This is because the model and processing capacity of different wood shredders are different, and the applicable raw material sizes are also different

Processing effect of the wood shredder machine

The size of the material crushed by the wood shredder can be adjusted. And the size of the material is mainly determined by the screen of the wood crusher machine. The larger the sieve on the screen, the larger the size of the material, and vice versa. The wood shredder used in the charcoal production line usually crushes the wood into chips with a diameter of 3-5mm.

Wood crusher’s main structure

Wood crusher is always designed with a compact structure with multifunction, which is composed of the machine body, knife cutting plate, cutters, hammers, sieving mesh, and motor, etc. It combines both chipping and crushing in one machine, can make sawdust in one time, no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs. Besides, the cutting drive of the wood crusher can choose both motors and diesel engines.

Technical parameter of the wood crushing machine


Model Power




Feeding size






SLFS-420 11 600-800 150*170 4 130
SLFS-500 15 1000-1200 170*200 4 210
SLFS-600 18.5 1200-1500 190*220 4 320
SLFS-700 30 1500-1800 190*230 4 450
SLFS-800 55 2000-2500 190*230 8 600
SLFS-1000 75+7.5 2500-3000 250*270 8 800
SLFS-1200 90+11 3500-4000 350*400 9 1100
SLFS-1500 132+15 4500-5000 350*400 12 1800

Mian features of the fast sawdust making machine

1. The wood shredder has a wide range of applications and can be used in gardening, farms, wood processing plants, paper mills, charcoal processing plants, etc.

2. The sawdust making machine is made of high-quality steel plate (about 3 mm thick), so the machine is resistant to wear, has a low failure rate, and long service life.

3. The screen of the wood crusher can be replaced, and the replacement method is very simple. Our factory can even customize the screen hole diameter of the machine according to the specific needs of customers.

4. There are many models of this wood shredder, and the customer’s choice is greater, so it can better meet the needs of all customers. In addition, its work efficiency is very high, and the processing capacity per hour is between 300kg and 5000kg.