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The wheel mill achieves the effect of mechanical force activation through the functions of mechanical mechanics such as rolling, pressing, squeezing, and rubbing. The structure of the original mixed material becomes the active material through the wheel milling, thereby increasing the strength of the product. This is not possible with other types of mixers. Comparable. It is suitable for mixing various wet and dry materials and colloids such as refractory mud, clay, fly ash, slag, tailings slag, molding sand, etc., and is widely used in refractory materials, ceramics, building materials, and other industries. The rolling and mixing effect is very good, the noise is low, the production efficiency is high, the energy-saving effect is significant, the sealing performance is good, the environmental pollution is not, and the adaptability is strong.

Charcoal powder grinding machine

This industrial charcoal powder grinding machine also named the wheel grinder mixer, is specially designed for crushing charcoal pieces into fine charcoal powder. This wheel charcoal grinder mainly can grind charcoal powder and even mix them with the binder, water, etc. Then the processed charcoal powder can be used for further briquetting to make BBQ charcoal or shisha charcoal.

Main applications of charcoal powder grinding machine

The wheel charcoal grinding machine produced by Shuliy Machinery is relatively flexible equipment in the charcoal processing industry. The wheel mill mixer crushes and mixes materials through mechanical functions such as rolling, pressing, squeezing and rubbing, thereby increasing the viscosity and strength of the materials, which is incomparable to other types of mixers.

Main Applications Of Charcoal Powder Grinding Machine
Main Applications Of Charcoal Powder Grinding Machine

The charcoal powder grinding machine is suitable for mixing various wet and dry materials, such as refractory mud, clay, fly ash, tailings slag, slag, etc., and is suitable for coal processing, building materials, chemicals, ceramics, metallurgy, and other industries.

Working principle of the wheel grinder&mixer

This wheel mill is composed of a machine body, a discharge gate, a transmission mechanism, a wheel mill, an inner scraper, and an outer scraper. It is fixed on the foundation by anchor bolts; the uprights are respectively connected with the machine body, and the inner and outer scrapers of the roller are respectively connected to the square box of the upright part. The machine is driven by a motor fixed on the machine body through a V-belt to drive the gearbox and rotate the wheel-grinding mechanism counterclockwise through the output shaft. The discharge door is realized by manually pushing and pulling the rod.

Structure Of The Wheel Grinder
Structure Of The Wheel Grinder

The charcoal powder grinder and mixer is a material crushing (powder) crushing or mixing equipment composed of a mound and grinder as main working parts. The wheel mill has a pair of mounds and a grinding disc, and the material will be crushed by the mounds on the rotating grinding disc. The outer ring of the grinding pan has screen holes, and the crushed materials are discharged from the screen holes.

When processing the carbon powder, add the batch materials and water into the grinding pan, and after the mixing is uniform, the material is discharged with the unloader. The carbon powder has both stirring and squeezing functions during the mixing process, which can better remove the air between the material particles, make the mixed material water uniform, and the surface of the particles is fully wetted.

The main features of the wheel charcoal grinding and mixing machine

  1. Easy operation and maintenance, long service life, and low failure rate.
  2. High working efficiency and wide applications for processing charcoal briquettes.
  3. The output of this charcoal grinder can be customized to meet different user choices.

Tips about the wheel mill operation

  • Before starting the machine, check whether the transmission and connection parts are normal, and whether all the fastening parts are loose, missing, or broken.
  • Check whether the lubrication parts are well lubricated, and change the lubricating oil as required.
  • Check whether the electrical wiring is damaged and the lighting is intact.
  • Check whether the tightness of the motor belt is appropriate, so as not to slip or burn the motor if it is too loose or too tight.
  • Check whether the discharge door opens flexibly.
  • After the inspection is completed, test the dry operation of the equipment to observe whether the rolling and scraper rotation is normal. If there is any abnormality, it needs to be dealt with before the load can be rotated.
  • When the feeding wheel is grinding, the feed should be appropriate, so as not to feed too much material and cause the rotation of the roller to be blocked and damage the equipment.
  • When stopping work or shutting down for troubleshooting, all power must be cut off.
  • After the work of each shift, residual materials must be removed inside and outside the equipment.

Technical parameters of the charcoal powder grinding machine

ModelSL-1000 SL-1200 SL-1500 SL-1800 SL-2000 SL-2500 SL-3000
Diameter (mm)Φ 1000Φ 1200Φ 1500Φ 1800Φ2000Φ 2500Φ 3000
Capacity (T)0.03-0.050.05-0.10.2-0.30.5-11-1.21-1.51.2-1.8
Mixing time (min)5-105-1010-1510-1510-1510-1510-15
Main power (KW)
Parameter List