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The airflow dryer uses the principle of instantaneous airflow drying, which has the characteristics of high drying strength, short drying time, low energy consumption, simple operation, and good product quality. The materials dried by this equipment have a clean, shiny appearance and high fineness.

The airflow dryer manufactured by Shuliy Machinery is very important equipment in the whole charcoal machine production line. The airflow dryer is mainly used to dry wood chips with a size of less than 5mm and reduce the moisture to 8-12% through the airflow pipe. The wood chip can be processed in the next step. The principle is that the hot gas is circulated through the pipe by burning the combustible material through the airflow, which is the raw material and the hot gas fully contact, thereby achieving the effect of the wood chip drying.

Applications of the airflow dryer

The equipment is ancillary equipment, and its production line is widely used. Airflow can be used for barbecue charcoal, converting waste energy into new energy, or as a new fuel, airflow dryer is very popular in the market.

Airflow Dryer
Airflow dryer

Features of the airflow drying machine

  1. High drying intensity: Due to the high air velocity of the airflow dryer, the material is well dispersed in the gas phase, and the entire surface of the material can be used as the effective area for drying. Therefore, the limited area for drying is greatly increased. At the same time, due to the dispersion and stirring action during drying, the gasification surface is constantly renewed, so the heat transfer process of drying is strong.
  2. Short drying time: The contact time between the material and the air is extremely short, and the drying time is generally 0.5 to 5 seconds. For heat-sensitive or low-melting materials, it will not cause overheating or decomposition and affect its quality.
  3. High thermal efficiency: Airflow drying adopts co-current operation of material and gas. From beginning to end, the material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state, and the drying time is short, so a higher drying temperature can be used.
  4. Wide application range, high output, large precipitation range; simple structure, small site area, low investment and maintenance costs.
  5. Hot blast source: oil-fired stove, gas stove, coal-fired hot blast stove, steam heat exchanger.

Operating procedures of airflow dryer

  • After the air dryer is installed, turn on the fan and check the direction of rotation of the fan and whether the suction force of the feeding port is normal.
  • Check the joints of each flange to see if there is any air leakage.
  • Bundle a cloth bag with open ends at the discharge opening of the separator of the air dryer.
Air Flow Dryer
Airflow dryer
  • Add the material to be dried into the feed port of the airflow dryer. The large particles must be screened out before drying, which is beneficial to increase the drying speed.
  • Add fuel to the airflow dryer furnace to ignite, turn on the fan, and when the temperature at the air outlet reaches 150°C, start cutting and drying.
  • Clear the bulk material in the slag discharge port in time to facilitate feeding.

Parameter of the continuous airflow dryer

Model SL-HGJ-1 SL-HGJ-2 SL-HGJ-3
Number of the drying room2-32-32-3
Heating wayCoal or biomassCoal or biomassCoal or biomass
Space required55m³60m³65m³