Charcoal Briquette Plant Installation Site In Indonesia

Charcoal Briquette Plant Installation Site in Indonesia

Recently, our company ushered in an exciting milestone: after successfully selling a set of charcoal briquette plant machines to an Indonesian customer, we dispatched a team of professional engineers to the customer’s site to carry out installation and commissioning, and provide all-round technical support for the customer.

20 Sets Of Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machines Shipped To Indonesia

20 Sets of Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machines Shipped to Indonesia

Earlier this month, we celebrated an exciting performance: we successfully delivered 20 sets of biomass charcoal briquette machines to a leading biomass energy producer in Indonesia. This article mainly introduces the background information of the customer, the negotiation process, the price advantage and parameters of the machines.

Shisha Charcoal Production Line Sold To Saudi Arabia

Shisha charcoal production line sold to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian company purchased a piece of equipment for producing shisha charcoal. We received an inquiry from the customer on 2.21 and then received a 25% deposit from the customer on 3.30. Shisha charcoal production line list Continuous carbonizationfurnace Model: SL- 1200Power:25kw/hCapacity:600-700kg per hour Working method: continuous Raw material : all kinds of biomass(less…

High-Efficiency Coal Briquette Machine Helps Nigerian Charcoal Production

High-efficiency coal briquette machine helps Nigerian charcoal production

Recently, we cooperated with Waleed, a Nigerian customer, and provided them with a high-efficiency coal briquette-making machine. The customer originally needed a machine that could pack coal sticks quickly, but in the end, the customer planned to purchase a coal stick machine this year to replace the old machine with a low working rate to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

20 Sets Of Charcoal Stick-Making Machines Were Delivered To Indonesia

20 sets of charcoal stick-making machines were delivered to Indonesia

The charcoal stick-making machines factory has recently completed a batch of relatively large orders. An Indonesian customer purchased 20 coal stick machines. In 2023, we will deliver the goods on time. Charcoal stick-making machines customer introduction The Indonesian customer bought a small batch of machines from the company before and thought that the quality of…

Carbonization Furnaces Sold Again To Ecuador

Carbonization furnaces sold again to Ecuador

We exported carbonization furnaces to Ecuador. A carbonization furnace is a machine used for making charcoal. It can carbonize some wood, coconut shells, nut shells, etc. into carbon to increase the added value of materials, and can also process some wood. It is a very environmentally friendly and valuable machine to use the scraps from the corners.

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