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Recently, Shuliy company’s hot-selling machine barbecue charcoal ball shaping machine for sale has been sold again and successfully shipped to Kenya, It has been put into use and is in good condition.

The Bbq Ball Charcoal Machine
The Bbq Ball Charcoal Machine

Customer Background Introduction

Our client is a biomass charcoal producer in Kenya specializing in high-quality BBQ charcoal products. During the chatting process, we understand the business that the customer is doing and the reason for buying the machine is to expand the production.

In addition, the customer is more concerned about some data and feedback, so we sent more of our shipping pictures and spot pictures to the customer; later the customer video to see the machine, which was approved by the customer.

Benefits Of Charcoal Ball Shaping Machine For Sale

Customers choose our company’s ball presses mainly based on the following reasons:

  • Efficient production: Our ball presses are highly automated and capable of producing high-quality barbecue charcoal balls at very high speeds, thus increasing production efficiency.
  • Good material: The equipment is durable and not easy to be damaged.
  • High-quality product: Our ball press machine can produce strong and durable BBQ charcoal balls with even combustion, which can satisfy customers’ strict requirements on product quality.

Customers have started to use our BBQ charcoal ball-making machine and they are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the machine. And they speak highly of our technical support and equipment quality and look forward to future cooperation.