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An Indonesian customer purchased a charcoal briquette machine and a charcoal cutting machine. Shuliy company can formulate a detailed solution for the customer according to the customer’s needs, and give the optimal configuration option.

Customer Introduction of Indonesian charcoal briquette machine

The client in Indonesia is a charcoal production company. Now the company is updating the charcoal equipment. The raw material for the production of charcoal is a coconut shell, the output is 1-2ton/h, and the company logo is required to be printed on the charcoal when producing charcoal. We have customized it according to the needs of customers.

Customer’s charcoal equipment purchase list

Charcoal cutter equipment

Charcoal Cutter Equipment
Charcoal Cutter Equipment

When the customer purchases the CNC charcoal cutting machine, the length of the charcoal cutting can be adjusted, and the adjustable range of the charcoal cutting machine is 3-40cm.

Parameters of charcoal cutting machine

Charcoal Briquette Machine
charcoal briquette machine
  1. Use CNC system, charcoal briquette length can be controlled from 3cm-40cm
  2. Save shipping space and shipping cost; Popular in the market
  3. Unaffected when cutting charcoal briquette, ensure the cutter effect
  4. Package size:1.70.450.95m(one set)
  5. Weight:150kg(one set)

Coconut shell charcoal forming machine

The customer also purchased a molding machine for coconut shell charcoal. In addition, the customer also ordered a conveyor belt with a diameter of 70cm and a length of 6 meters. With the conveyor belt machine production is more fully automatic.

Charcoal briquette machine parameters

Model: SL-290
Capacity:1-2 tons charcoal/h
Package size:1.741.211.35 m