Carbonization Furnaces Sold Again To Ecuador

Carbonization furnaces sold again to Ecuador

We exported carbonization furnaces to Ecuador. A carbonization furnace is a machine used for making charcoal. It can carbonize some wood, coconut shells, nut shells, etc. into carbon to increase the added value of materials, and can also process some wood. It is a very environmentally friendly and valuable machine to use the scraps from the corners.

The Development Of Briquette Charcoal In Southeast Asia

The development of briquette charcoal in Southeast Asia

hine-made charcoal is an indispensable raw material and additive in industries such as soil improvement in agriculture, disease prevention in animal husbandry, and “heating in winter” and other industries. It is also an indispensable fuel for industries such as agriculture and metallurgy. Therefore, while banning logging and burning charcoal, many countries encourage the development of a new generation of machine-made charcoal to replace natural charcoal.

Vietnam Sawdust Briquette Charcoal Production Line

Vietnam Sawdust briquette charcoal Production Line

charcoal production line includes the wood crusher, totatry dryer, briquetting machine, carbonizing furnace and other auxiliary equipment. This biomass system adopts a semi-automatic production line, only one person is responsible for the normal operation of the machine, and two persons control the forklift and crane for carbonization.

Philippines Coconut Palm Crushing Production Line

Philippines coconut palm crushing production line

Due to the higher density of the coconut shell, the finished product after carbonization has a better effect and has a higher consumer value. Our customer has obtained considerable returns from the promising market, and he plans to build his second coconut shell-activated carbon production line within two years.

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