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With Shuliy’s solid technical support and efficient service, we are pleased to announce that we successfully sold 20 sets of biomass charcoal briquette machines to a leading biomass energy enterprise in Indonesia last month. And also purchased the supporting equipment wheel mill. Now the charcoal briquetting machines have been put into use and received favorable comments.

Customer Background Information

Our client, an Indonesian company specializing in biomass energy production, is well known in the local market for its commitment to sustainable development and pursuit of product quality. With the increasing demand for environmentally friendly energy in the market, the client decided to introduce a number of advanced coal briquette machines to improve their production efficiency and product quality.

Price Advantage of Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine

The equipment adopts the latest coal bar molding technology to ensure that the produced coal bars have high density and superior combustion efficiency.

Although our biomass charcoal briquette machines are leading in terms of technology and performance, we have always insisted on a competitive pricing strategy to ensure that our customers can get an excellent price/performance ratio.

Transaction Negotiation Process

During the negotiation process, our sales team conducted in-depth communication and demand analysis with the client. We provided customized solutions based on the customer’s production scale and specific needs. By fully understanding the customer’s expectations and budget, we successfully reached a cooperative agreement that was satisfactory to both parties.

Machine Technical Parameters

  • Production capacity: More than 1500 kilograms per hour
  • Motor power: 55 kilowatts
  • Raw material application scope: wood chips, straw, waste wood, etc.