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Molding cylinder for Sawdust briquette machine parts

The forming barrel is the main part of the rod technology of the Sawdust briquette machine. The processing specifications of different carbon products are determined by the forming barrel of different sizes. Generally speaking, the selection of forming barrel specifications of sawdust briquette machine is based on the size of the finished product box, the forming barrel now has three types of specifications:

Sawdust briquette machine

1. Quadrangular shaped barrel (square); the molding barrel is made of high-quality steel, 45 cm high and 10 cm wide; charcoal machine equipment with this type of molding barrel processed by the finished product is square specifications, square specifications of the finished product is easy to put in the box, its packing stability is excellent, the only inadequacy is the empty box. The occupancy is more intensive and the cost of packing is higher.

2. Hexagonal shaped barrel; the forming barrel is made of special high-quality steel, 50 cm high and 15 cm wide; the finished products processed by charcoal machine equipped with this type of shaped barrel are hexagonal specifications; the finished products of hexagonal shaped charcoal according to its unique multi-angular advantages, its packing space is small, packing stability is strong, multi-edged. The technological beauty of the corner is also sought after by most charcoal users.

3. Circumferential forming barrel; the forming barrel is also made of high-quality steel, 48CM high and 12cm circumferential diameter; sawdust briquette machine with this type of molding barrel processed by the finished carbon products for circular specifications, circular specifications of the finished carbon products of the packing space occupied very small, but its packing stability is very poor, the use of this type of carbon products. Customers of molding barrels should pay attention to the shock-proof measures after the finished products are packed, so as to avoid the friction caused by gravity extrusion.