How to ensure that the coal briquettes are not easily broken when using a coal ball press machine?

The hardness of the pulverized coal briquetting machine is an important factor to ensure that the briquettes are not broken during storage and transportation. An important criterion for judging the quality of briquettes is the hardness of the pulverized coal pressed by the pulverized coal briquetting machine.

However, the hardness of briquettes is not only related to the purchase of high-quality pulverized coal briquetting machines but also related to many factors. So how to improve the briquetting hardness of pulverized coal briquetting machines?

commercial coal briquetting machine for sale
commercial coal briquetting machine for sale

1. Choose the right coal powder binder

After selecting suitable coal powder as the raw materials, users must conduct experiments on coal powder binder. Because a suitable coal powder binder is an effective guarantee for the hardness of coal powder into balls.

2. Ensure that the raw coal has proper dry humidity

Generally, the proper amount of water is added when processing coal powder. Moisture can play the role of lubrication, reduce the internal friction of the molding system, and improve the mechanical strength of the coal powder. If a hydrophilic binder is used, adding an appropriate amount of water will pre-wet the surface of the coal particles, thereby facilitating the adhesion between the particles.


The suitable moisture ratio of coal powder is 10-15%. If a hydrophobic binder is used, the moisture will reduce the effect of the binder. At this time, the moisture of the material should be controlled below 4%. In short, the moisture content of materials should be flexibly controlled according to the actual situation and controlled within a range.

3. The fineness of coal powder

The crushing process of pulverized coal raw materials is particularly important in the entire coal ball processing process. Whether the particle size of the material after being crushed by the coal pulverizer is reasonable also determines the quality of the coal briquettes afterward. Processing coal briquettes generally requires the particle size of the material to be ≤3mm, so how to choose a good coal grinder in the production of coal powder is an important issue to be considered.