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Inside the charcoal machine equipment set, there is a rod maker and a dryer. The bar machine is also called the molding machine. It is a kind of grainy (length <5mm, diameter ≤3mm) waste of bamboo, wood and shell straw (excluding rice straw, wheat straw) with water content <12%, without any stickiness. In the case of a binder, after a high temperature, high-pressure process, it is extruded into a rod-shaped solid salary bar with a central hole.

The soot treatment equipment is dedicated to the traditional kiln of the charcoal factory and the flue gas treatment during the production of the carbonization furnace. In the process of producing charcoal, the gas generated by the equipment is filtered and the carbonization equipment is filtered by the processes of dust removal, separation, and condensation; the machine adopts dry When the wet treatment design is designed to treat waste gas, it contains filter smoke and dust removal.

Wood tar is an important raw material for refining biodiesel. Wood vinegar is an important chemical raw material, and the grid is relatively expensive. The soot treatment equipment makes charcoal plant The comprehensive benefits have been realized, and the added value of the products has been improved; the equipment has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and multi-use, and improving the economic benefits of the carbon plant. The civil engineering furnace or carbonization protection preparation furnace dust treatment equipment can recover a large amount of wood tar and combustible gas; taking the annual output of 600 tons of charcoal as an example, the annual recovery of wood tar is 50-80 tons, and the profit can be 10000-30000$. It also saves a lot of fuel costs for drying and realizes automatic production.

Expanded production capacity, increased efficiency, saving labor and labor intensity. The 3- to the 12-piece machine can be designed as a fully automated assembly line with a total of three workers. Take the six-bar machine as an example, the complete set of equipment is composed of a dryer and a bar maker; the operation of the dryer (C screening, feeding, heating, 1 person each) requires 3 people, 6 sets of machine The operation (0 nine and a half buckets, crowbars) requires 6 people, a total of 9 people. 9-3=6; We saved six workers’ wages and management troubles. Therefore, as long as the customers with sufficient raw materials should first consider the full-motion water-line production equipment. image}

The hand-held machine is the most technical equipment of the charcoal machine equipment series; it is also the most important equipment in the wood shutdown series production line. In recent years, Hengjun Heavy Industry Machinery Factory has made new breakthroughs in the field of rod making.

At present, there are four varieties of practical multi-functional hand-held coal-electric dual-purpose hand-held machines, high-efficiency energy-saving gliders, and gear-driven machines; the new body machine adopts oil-diffuse alloy structure, and the key to propeller shaft forming is simple. The components are made of a special wear-resistant material formula, precision casting, and durable: the degree of tightness of the tightness between the propeller shaft and the inner barrel is greatly improved. The new type of machine has a wide range of high energy consumption, low compactness, and durability.point. The finished product has a diameter ranging from 40 to 80 cm; it provides a guarantee for high-quality carbon.

The dryer mainly has two series of drum type and hot air flow type. The advantages of choosing the dryer of our factory are as follows: 1. According to the most advanced use of a small amount of wood heating mode, the production cost is greatly reduced. 2, the use of the combination of airflow pulse and roller greatly enhance the drying effect and the use of life can be greatly improved; 3. Do not spray the smoke on the dryer, completely let the workers pick up the mouth: 4, I produced The dryer is dried all over the wet material, which can achieve the annual production of 600-8000 tons of production requirements to achieve the three savings of electricity, labor and fuel economy, but also greatly changed the production environment!

Charcoal machine production process: material crushing, drying, rod forming carbonization I designed and produced the fully automatic mechanism of charcoal machine equipment assembly line is integrated with the most advanced mechanism of carbon forming process, equipped with the best rod making machine, the best Dryer system, equipment self-contained material cleaning and screening, closed auger feeding, main fan oil immersion water cooling design, drying raw material pulverization, conveying, cooling as the body design, double spiral circulation feeding. Automatic broken bar, automatic smoke design!

Advantages of the rolling simple dryer:

1. The latest design realizes the advantages of material drying out from the water;

2 combining the drying advantages of drum and straight drying, making full use of the material to be heated evenly, stir fry and evaporate Moisture, water vapor first material stagnation of the basic drying principle, improve the drying effect;

3, improve the drying output; the combination of the internal design of the drum and the drying cylinder, the use of hot air flow and the proportion of the material has been carefully The calculation, continuous testing and correction of the equipment not only achieves the best one-time drying effect, but also its flow rate can ensure the simultaneous use of multiple rod making machines;

4. Automated production is realized; Human resources, material resources, and financial resources ensure the normal operation of all equipment. The heavy-duty tumble dryer has been accepted and accepted by the majority of users after being put into the market. Many manufacturers have abandoned the airflow dryer and switched to the equipment. Its high performance, high efficiency, high output characteristics are particularly obvious, it is the ideal equipment for the wet original supply, providing drying protection for the large-scale production of charcoal plants!

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