What are the benefits of the machine-made charcoal machine?

The complete set of charcoal machine equipment includes crusher, screening machine, dryer, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace, etc. This important mechanical equipment, according to different raw materials, our Shuliy machinery divides the carbonization process of the mechanism charcoal into three class:

Charcoal Machine Production Line
Charcoal Machine Production Line

1. Rice husks and sawdust

The raw materials are screened by the drum screen and then dried into an air-flow dryer, and then the semi-finished charcoal sticks are made from the sawdust briquette machine, and then carbonized into a carbonization furnace to form machine-made charcoal.

2, fruit shells, branches

The raw materials are crushed by a pulverizer, then enter the drum screen for screening, dried by a gas flow dryer, and made into a rod by a sawdust briquette machine, and then carbonized into charcoal to form machine-made charcoal.

3, wood

The raw material is required to have a diameter of 5 cm or more and can be directly carbonized into finished charcoal by a carbonization furnace.

Airflow Dryer
Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Remarks: Airflow dryers with a capacity of fewer than two tons per day are recommended. Rotary dryers are recommended for the daily production of more than two tons.

With the rapid development of science and technology and the development of human civilization, modern people pay more attention to environmental protection, waste utilization, renewable, and energy recycling. Machine-made of Charcoal Machine Equipment Charcoal is a kind of a waste of renewable energy fuel. It has a higher calorific value than charcoal of similar raw materials. It is higher than ordinary coal, smokeless, tasteless, non-toxic, clean and hygienic. It can be widely used in home heating, barbecue food. The international market is in great demand. Industrially replace coal or heavy oil steam boilers can also be used as chemical raw materials for deep processing of activated carbon, silicon carbide. Crystalline silicon, etc. It is an essential raw material for carbon disulfide plants, mosquito repellent factories, explosives factories, copper processing plants, and foundries.

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