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In mid-December, we successfully delivered an advanced sawdust briquette extruder machine to the UK. This customer is a local company specializing in the production of wood sticks, and their products are mainly supplied to coal stick manufacturing companies to meet the needs of different industries.

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How The Customer Contacted Us

This cooperation started when the customer accidentally found our pini kay briquettes machine operation demonstration video on YouTube. Attracted by the efficient rod-making process, reliable performance, and advanced technology of the machine, the customer then made a detailed inquiry by adding contact information.

Business Needs and Expectations

As a developed country, the UK has a wide range of applications for wood sticks in various industries, from coal stick manufacturing to handicraft production, and the market demand is strong. With the improvement of environmental awareness, the production of wood sticks also pays more attention to the efficient and green manufacturing process.

The customer has an urgent need to improve production efficiency and expand the market. He hopes to improve the speed and quality of wood stick production and explore new market opportunities through the introduction of advanced sawdust briquette extruder machines.

Reasons for Purchasing Our Sawdust Briquette Extruder Machine

Through in-depth communication with our business manager, the customer has a comprehensive understanding of the performance and advantages of our wood briquette making machine. The machine’s highly efficient working speed, adjustable specification range, stable production quality, and easy operation make the customer have full confidence in our company’s machine. Meanwhile, the attentive service and professional after-sales support we provide are also decisive factors for customers to choose our products.

The overall efficiency of wood stick production has been significantly improved after the introduction of our sawdust briquette extruder machine. The customer said that they will continue to improve the competitiveness of their enterprise by introducing more advanced equipment, and at the same time meet the market demand for environmentally friendly wood stick products.