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Recently, our company has achieved good export results again, and successfully delivered an efficient industrial wood briquetting press machine to a customer in Turkey. The customer contacted us last month, because the factory has a lot of stock inventory, so it greatly shortens the transaction cycle and the customer’s waiting time.

Brief Introduction Of Customer

Our customer is a Turkish company specializing in charcoal and rod-making production with many years of experience. And they have previously purchased charcoal briquette press machines from our company. They are looking for an efficient and reliable industrial wood briquetting press machine to meet their increasing production needs and improve product quality.

Industrial Wood Briquetting Press Machine Price And Benefits

Shuliy machines have long been recognized for their excellent performance and competitive prices. Our wood sawdust-making machines have the following advantages:

  1. High Productivity: Our efficient wood chip briquetting equipment uses a highly automated production process that consistently produces high-quality bar products.
  2. Reliability: The reliability and stability of the machine reduce downtime in production and improve overall productivity.
  3. Wide Applicability: The machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials including wood chips, straw, waste wood, etc.
  4. Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly: Our machines are designed to be energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which meets modern environmental requirements and contributes to our customers’ sustainable production.

The customer is very satisfied with our company’s professional support and high-quality equipment and is looking forward to further cooperation with us to promote the development of the charcoal-making production field.