The reuse of wet sawdust can save resources well, and the sawdust drying machine can make full use of the heat source to dry sawdust quickly and reduce the waste of resources. There are more kinds of heat sources for sawdust dryers, such as coal, biomass pellets, natural gas, etc. So which fuel is better to use for the sawdust dryer and which fuel is low cost to use?

What products can be processed with sawdust?

Sawdust can be processed into sawdust charcoal. After drying, the sawdust can be processed by using a sawdust charcoal forming machine, which generally requires the moisture content of sawdust ≤ 12, and the processed sawdust charcoal is a very good fuel. Sawdust can also be processed into parts of wood pallets. But the use of wood chips will require the moisture of wood chips can not to be too high, so the need for a sawdust dryer drying.

How to choose the heat source for the sawdust drying machine?

Sawdust Drying Machine
Sawdust Processing Factory

Sawdust drying equipment can be purchased according to the heat source supply so that the appropriate heat source can be selected and can be easily obtained. At the same time, according to the equipment processing materials and quality requirements, the heating problem and the purity of the heat source are analyzed, which can ensure that the heat source is easy to control and also ensure the stability of drying.

Sawdust drying machine natural gas as a heat source

Sawdust drying equipment is very important for the choice of heat source, some of the materials to be dried are flammable, explosive, or easy to oxidize, the heat source for handling materials should choose indirect heat transfer, the choice of direct combustion heat transfer requires special flame retardant and explosion-proof measures. Natural gas, as a clean fuel, is used in the operation of a sawdust dryer, which can realize the function of automatic control of the equipment and has a very wide range of applications. In addition, sawdust drying equipment using natural gas as the heat source can also greatly reduce the air consumption coefficient and can achieve flameless combustion.

Natural Gas Heating
Natural Gas Heating

Sawdust dryer using coal as a heat source

Coal Heating
Coal Heating

In terms of cost, it is a good choice to use coal, which is relatively low cost in all countries. So for the choice of heat source, whether to use coal, biomass pellets, or natural gas, the specific or combined with the user’s own production needs, so as to choose the right fuel.