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How to use environmental friendly carbonation machine

While the traditional way of carbonation in waste recycling has economic advantages, serious environmental pollution problems are emerging. According to research, the traditional coking furnace way has become a new source of environmental pollution by producing a large number of dense smoke. It is not only a bottleneck problem posted in front of environmental protection, it even became the cause of the haze weather, thus has caused the attention of the environmental protection department. So the upgrading of biochar kiln is very important, in order to meet environmental protection requirements, protect the ecological environment. Environmental protection and energy saving carbonation machine is the currently ideal carbonization equipment.

The environment-friendly carbonization furnace converts the flue gas generated during its carbonization into combustible gas, without sewage discharged. The carbonization furnace is advanced in technology, convenient in operation, and saves labor and electricity to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy-saving. In the production process, carbonization cooling tank load raw materials into the furnace, carbonization furnace, cooling tank, circulating carbonization, greatly improve the production efficiency; the carbonization time of each tank is about 10 hours. The carbonization time is short and the cooling speed is fast with high carbon yield.

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The carbonization process of the environment-friendly carbonation machine

The environmental protection carbonization furnace uses the biomass gasifier for the pre-burning of combustible gas in the early stage of the carbonization furnace. That is to say, the biomass raw materials (such as sawdust, rice husk, fruit shell, straw, palm shell, etc.) with the moisture content below 15% are put into the gasifier for gasification. Gasifier of combustible gases (methane, ethane, carbon monoxide, etc.) after dust, purification of gas removal.

Feed log into coking furnace, a log of coking furnace the whole anaerobic dry distillation carbonization process is carried in airtight tank. The burnt high-temperature pyrolysis furnace log produce a lot of flue gas, which all return to the purification system to the bottom of the furnace for combustion. There is no flue gas emission in the whole carbonization process, the effect of environmental protection and energy-saving are achieved.

During the production of biochar kiln carbonization furnace temperature is 350 ℃ to 420 ℃ according to the size of raw material and production requirements. The carbonization operation of environmental protection is simple and can achieve environmental protection and energy-saving, greatly improve the carbonization efficiency. So the environmental protection carbonization furnace in the market has been recognized by customers, so the majority of users can rest assured that the carbonization furnace is environmental protection.