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How to repair the thruster of sawdust briquette machine

The sawdust briquette machine equipment is the core production equipment in the charcoal machine equipment, and in the process of manufacturing the sawing machine, the cutting time will cause some failures, resulting in an inability to produce better the main reason. That is, some of the wearing parts of the sawing machine are not properly maintained, such as sawdust briquette machine, then how to repair the sawdust briquette machine?

The parts that are easy to wear are the propellers, which is also the key to the quality of the charcoal produced. If this is the case, please pay attention to the reason for finding the propeller, and see if the sawdust briquette machine is worn or not. Repair the thruster.

We preheated the end of the propeller at the end of the weld, and the temperature reached about 200 degrees. Wear-resistant welding rods are used for surfacing welding. The thickness of the welding exceeds the required thickness by 1-2 mm. After welding, the insertion depth is cooled above three leads.

Cooled to below 50 degrees to remove, and then ground on the silicon wheel, the repaired propeller is strictly prohibited to collide and knock, should be carefully stored, easy to use the repair technology of the sawing machine is a headache for most users, sawn wood How to repair the briquetting press after it is worn is beneficial for the next use. Preheat the end of the propeller at the end of the weld, and the temperature reaches about 200 degrees.

The special wear-resistant electrode (707) is selected and layered according to the wear of the front corner of the propeller. For each layer of welding, the welding slag must be removed and the second layer is included. If the welding thickness exceeds the required thickness by 1-2mm, the welded propeller should not have defects such as slag inclusions and pores. After welding, the welded part is inserted into the dried quicklime or plant ash, and the insertion depth is cooled above three leads. Cooled to below 50 degrees to remove, grind on the green silicon carbide grinding wheel, do not allow excessive force or local overheating during grinding, and strictly use water or other liquid to cool.

Under what circumstances should I repair the thruster?

The position of sawdust briquette machine in charcoal machine equipment is very important. It can be said that if there is no sawing wood briquetting machine, it is impossible to make charcoal. The sawdust briquette machine utilizes the inherent characteristics of wood raw materials. Through spiral extrusion, the lignin plasticization in the wood raw materials combines the fine fibers at high temperature and high pressure to form a rod-shaped solid fuel. The thruster is a very important part of the sawing and compacting machine. It is also a part that is easy to wear. When the sawing compactor has the following faults, the thruster needs to be repaired:

1. The stick speed is significantly reduced;

2, the dry and wet conditions of the raw materials and the temperature of the high and low meet the requirements, the rod machine often stuck, can not be normal production;

3, the stick can be formed, but the sections are separated and cannot be joined together;

4, the stick is very fast, but the structure is loose, the density is too low;

5. The wear of the front end of the propeller is less than 4mm.

6, the inner diameter of the finished rod is less than 15mm;

7. The spiral part of the propeller is worn due to falling into stones, nails and other foreign objects or other reasons.

When the above situation occurs, the thruster needs to be repaired, and it can be produced normally after the repair, and the effect is the same as the new one. The sawdust briquette machine inevitably requires maintenance and repair in the process of making charcoal.

In sawdust briquette machine equipment, the propeller is a consumable part and needs to be maintained by the user in order to prolong its service life. In the case of the above situation of the propeller, the user needs technical maintenance and repair so as to avoid the parts. The damage can also guarantee the normal production of sawdust briquette machine.

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