How to improve the quality of briquette charcoal?

The quality of briquette charcoal is different due to the different types of raw materials and making processes. From the analysis of the entire production process of the charcoal machine, the main factors affecting the quality of the briquette charcoal including the raw material, the temperature and pressure during the molding process. The definition of good briquette charcoal is resistance to burning, high carbon content, beautiful and compact appearance, high hardness, and high burning temperature. If users want to produce high-quality briquette charcoal, they need to master certain use skills, because these skills are often the way to solve the problem of charcoal machines. So how should high-quality charcoal be produced in the actual charcoal production process of the charcoal machine?

Working Principle
Briquetting process

What are the factors that affect the quality of briquette charcoal?

  1. Raw material: The first thing you need to pay attention to is the humidity of the raw materials. The raw materials used in the charcoal machine require a dry humidity of 6%-12%. Therefore, a set of good dryer equipment is required to achieve a good production effect.. The most important thing to produce good briquette charcoal is the raw material. Although straw and peanut shells can also be used to make briquette charcoal, there is a huge gap in quality compared with wood raw materials. The raw materials determine the quality of charcoal produced by the charcoal machine. The better the raw materials, the better the quality of charcoal produced. Some improvements can be made on the raw materials to improve the quality of charcoal.
  2. Temperature: The pressing process of the raw material is completed in the molding cylinder, In order to ensure that the surface of the briquette charcoal is smooth, dense, and crack-free, we can choose the appropriate molding temperature according to the type of raw material and The moisture content. With proper temperature control, the charcoal rods produced will seldom have problems such as “fire”, “crack”, and “unformed”, thereby achieving increased output and yield.
  3. Pressure: In the process of briquetting, the propellers used by different raw materials are also different. According to the particle size and hardness of the raw materials, match the appropriate propellers, so that the charcoal produced will have a higher quality.
Briquette Charcoal
briquette charcoal

The process of briquetting is very important. In many cases where the quality of charcoal is not good, there are problems in the briquetting process. In the process of briquetting, it must be controlled well, and the appearance and density of the new briquette charcoal must be checked. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the charcoal kiln has air leakage and unreasonable structure. These can be checked by a professional person to ensure the quality of charcoal produced by the charcoal machine.

Why the briquette charcoal has a higher calorific value?

The rapid economic development is driving the advancement of the industry. As an important energy source for the industry, coal resources, as the demand for charcoal continues to increase, the machine-made charcoal machine industry has gradually developed. In the process of operation, the calorific value of charcoal and the burning time play an important role. The higher the carbon content of charcoal, the greater the calorific value, which depends on the degree of raw materials and burning charcoal factors.

There is no direct relationship between the calorific value of the machine-made charcoal produced by the machine-made charcoal machine equipment and the fuel burning time. Generally, the amount of charcoal in the charcoal determines the calorific value. The higher the carbon content of charcoal, the greater the calorific value, which is mainly determined by two factors, the raw material and the degree of carbonization.

It can also be said that it is determined by the chemical composition of charcoal. The burning time can be said to be determined by both chemical and physical factors. Not only does it generate a large amount of heat, but it also requires that the surface area of charcoal and air contact should be small to extend the burning time.

Charcoal Briquettes
Briquette charcoal

This surface area includes the outer surface as well as the internal pores. Because there are many voids in the raw charcoal, although the calorific value is comparable to that of machine-made charcoal, there is no machine-made charcoal for a long time to increase the burning time of machine-made charcoal. There are two main methods. One is to increase the molding pressure of the rod making machine and increase The density and strength of the briquette charcoal depend on increasing the final carbonization temperature, and slowing down the heating and cooling speed, so that the finished product has high density and high hardness. These two points are also the main methods to improve the quality and price of machine-made charcoal.

This requires that the contact area between charcoal and air be relatively small to extend the burning time of charcoal. The longer the burning time of machine-made charcoal, the higher the quality of charcoal. Therefore, to speed up the burning time, it is necessary to increase its density and strength. It also depends on the carbonization temperature, so that the charcoal product produced by carbonization has the characteristics of high density and high hardness. At the same time, it can also improve the quality of machine-made charcoal machines.

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